Tuesday, February 5, 2013

St. Patricks Day Applique shirt

If you would like to purchase a St Patricks Day shirt please send me an email at  juliskelton1981@gmail.com
They are $18 local pick up Cleveland area maybe even Gainesville, Cornelia and Dahlonega. or $20 shipped.  You tell me the letter of your child and it gets embroidered on polka dot fabric, pick your tshirt color (white, green or grey).

Monday, January 28, 2013

Stephen's 5th birthday party

I realize I haven't blogged in quite some time.  Its for good reasons and I hope to get back soon.  Not right now.  I have some things to work on.  With racing coming up soon I am going to start watermarking my photos.  I don't want my photos used or copied for other peoples use.  So for good reason's my blog title will be watermarked on the actual photos.  I wanted to put Stephen's photos up from his birthday and so I am doing this post with out the watermark, but from now on I will be doing family pictures and any with my children watermarked.  So I know their are some friends and relatives that like to print them out for their own use. Just email me and I will be happy to send you the file without the watermark.  ANYWAYS!!

Stephen wanted a Toy Story  Woody party!  Bart had the great idea of Stephen dressing up as Woody so I bought the cowboy boots off ebay for $9 and that included shipping!!  The hat came from party city for $1.99!  He is wearing his PJ shirt and a pair of old jeans!

Jade Ramey made the cake.  Look her up on facebook if you aren't already friends!  Let me tell you that cake was DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!

one food table.  After Jackson's 10th bday party my husband kindly told me to go easy on the food money.  I spend like a TON of money on his party and it was all a big mistake.  Hardly any food got eaten so we sent it home with a bunch of people and alot of it got thrown out. :(

Stephen LOVES gum!!!  So I wanted to do some cute little decorations  to fancy it up!!

We had BBQ Cocktail weiners.  So I named them Slinky's Dog.   I love making me some  name tags for food.  They might be corny, but I think it gives it a special touch!!

Fruit and Veggie tray.  aka Mr. Potato Head's spare parts!!

You saved our lives, we are eternaly grateful!!  complete with aliens just like the movie!!

Aliens without their mouths!!

More gum balls!

Zurg's Astro Blaster Balls

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Lotso and the dump truck

Pin the tail on the bullseye

We had over 20 kids and I think it was an awesome party.  Just wished I would have taken more pictures!