Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010 part 1

We had an exciting Christmas! We went to Disney over Thanksgiving so I decorated the week before!

Here is my Jackson on the end! He enjoyed being a Wisemen.
Stephen was a cow and he kinda left the scene to go sit with nana and papa! After a short visit he returned and it was a Gorgeous manger scene!!

Christmas eve we celebrated with my mom and Tif! Stephen loved opening presents!!

Jackson was so excited to be home after 5 days with his dad! He especially loved coming home to open presents!!

We left Santa some of meme and poppis homemade cookies!!

Jackson and his 2nd grade teacher Mrs Cain!

Jackson, Stephen, Mary Grace and Kahlab!

Stephen loved making cookies!!

Jackson too!!

We paid Santa a visit!!

Okay there will be more later!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Just a little catchup!

Its been way to long. We have been way to busy. Life is getting back to normal since our football days are over. I am sad and I am glad. I am sad because it helped me get out of the house and socialize!! I am sad because I LOVED watching my little man play. I am happy because we are not so strapped for time. I can get supper ready, spend time quality time with my kids and not have to rush rush rush to get supper at, baths taken, teeth brushed, homework done and in the bed before 10pm. This little man turned 8 October 18Th. We celebrated as much as possible with a tiny party with grandparents and taking cake to school. Gosh where did the last 8 years go. He got his report card about a week ago. 1 B and 2 As the others were S. He is a reading champ!! I love to hear him read!! He wants to start wrestling and in Feb 2011 he starts racing. He got to hear his dragster crank and run for a few minutes this week. Just a little bit more tweaking and he is going to drive it down Todds driveway! He saved up a whole years worth of Christmas money, tooth fairy $, working in the garden $ and 2 years worth of bday $ to buy him an iTouch!! He has alot more saved up and it is going to his racing!! He can't wait!!
This little brother is always up to some trouble. If its not dumping out the toys in the living room and then not playing with them then its trying to escape and go outside. He is always doing something. He never watches tv in the house. He does LOVE to watch Thomas the Train on the portable DVD in the car. He is trying to talk up a storm. He will try to say most anything I tell him to. His Ls come out a Ws, his Fs are Ps and I know there are others, but I can't think of them right now. He is doing really good about potty training. We are down to 1 accident during the day and of course a diaper at night!!

The 2 of them together can be really sweet at times!! They are very loving towards each other and have a very special bond!! So glad I have 2 boys!! Yes they are shaved headed little boys hear. I was the crazy mom who shaved their heads only to take them to the beauty shop and let them shave #8 in the back of their heads. Yes lots of people talked, but it was fun for the moment. Will I do it again???? probably not!! These 2 little boys can also be very active together and can on most nights be seen fighting with swords or tackling each other!! Its never a dull moment in our house!!

Stephen loves to be outside and since its been cold he has been begging me to take him out. We don't get to go out as much, but the times we are out he is wide opened side ways. He is usually found jumping. He has learned to climb the rock wall and of course loves the really fast slide. He enjoys riding his 4wheeler when his mom remembers to charge the battery!!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

August 2010 is over................................

It has been crazy busy with football, bible study and school starting. I took only 23 pictures the whole month of August. I am keeping Matt 3 days every other week and go to the school one week and then every other week I keep Matt 4 days a week. Time is going by way to fast. Jackson is LOVING football and Stephen is just being a normal 2 year old trying to potty train. Maybe September will bring more pictures!
Jacksons new book bag with his name monogrammed in yellow! Jackson picked his own outfit out for the first day of school!!

He also picked out his favorite breakfast treat. He never gets to choose during the school year except his 1st day. If I let him choose he would pick sugary breakfast everyday.

Most of his supplies minus the copy paper!

Jacksons' 1st game!!

Jackson is center on offense. He has to call the huddle then he hikes the football to the quarter back!!

The run through banner!!

Friday, August 6, 2010


This is what we have been doing the past 3 weeks. Jackson has practice 3 nights a week for 2 hours each night. He LOVES it!!!!!!!!! Thats all he thinks about. I have to beg him to go swimming because he wants to save his energy for football. The kid is going to be a star one day. Trust me......most of the coaches have came up to me after practice and told me how good he is!!!

Since Stephen has to be just like bubba he had to dress up when Jackson tried on his gear!!!! Aren't they just adorable!!!!!!!!!!! Its been alot of fun. Its wonderful to see your children LOVE something and set a goal to doing something and wanting to succeed!!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lake 7/31/10

We went to the lake Saturday with my family. We had a blast!!

Mouth full of root beer!!

Mary's face stayed this way the entire time she was on the tube!!

Stephen enjoyed waving to the other boaters!!

Jackson had a lot of fun!!!

He is fearless!! He LOVED jumping in and wanted to do it every time we stopped the boat!

After he woke up from his nap!!

The 3 sisters.
Mary Grace, Pamela and Me

Yes he can sleep anywhere!!!!!!!

Friday, July 30, 2010

The 4th!!!

I know its way late, but I had to share these wonderful pictures of my family. Its been crazy busy here and I have not been able to do much updates. I know some of the family might be missing these 2 sweet boys so here are a few from the 4th. We had a fun filled day starting with Church. It was a wonderful service. After church we ate lunch with my in laws and played in the swimming pool. We also set up our water slide. I promised I would not share the pictures online. After a little cat nap for the boys we headed to Helen to watch the fireworks.

Jackson enjoying the sparklers!!
Stephen and his scuffed up nose. He enjoyed his Parklers!! Yes with out the S. Thats how he would say it!! He actually continued his cat nap in the car. So he was still tired!!

My favorite 3 boys in the world!!! Stephen was scared of the surrounding people who were setting off Fireworks in the parking lots.

Jackson being the best big bro ever!! He really does love this guy. Jackson hates loud noises so this is really big for Jackson to be holding Stephens ears and not his own!!!

And here I am with me and my 2 little joys!!! Seriously aren't they adorable????

Monday, July 26, 2010

Another Swimming picture

This is how our summer is being spent. We are at the pool about 5 hrs a day. Jackson has already had swimmers ear and I have had it 2 times. Jackson is dark and I usually stay lobster red. Stephen gets sprayed with sunscreen about every 45 minutes. He is alot like me and very pale so I don't want him to get burned. If Jackson is home we are usually swimming. Football has started and he wants to jump in the swimming pool after 2 hrs of practice.

Ethan, Jackson, Caleb, Stephen and Matt enjoying a PB&J!!! The 4 amigos!!!!!!!!!!! Ethan, Caleb, Jackson and Stephen!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Garden

Stephen loves to go to the garden with me. I wish the feeling was mutual. He loves to just roam through the garden and 9 times out of 10 he really does not look where he is going. Thats not good when you have corn coming up and he is not paying attention. He also likes to ride and push his little four-wheeler through the garden and when you don't have room between the cucumbers and squash to even walk............its doesn't really make this mama happy!! I am constantly saying "watch the plants" I do have to say I really really love watching both boys helping. Its even cuter when you look up from weeding and you are covered in sweat and dirt just to see two cute blonde boys shirtless watering the plants. Although 5 seconds later they ruin the cuteness by fussing and then there is some screaming...........then there is some "fine Stephen" in a mean voice then comes another little "HA HA bubba" coming from Stephen because he won the battle of the water can!!! Another FAVORITE(but shhhh, don't tell daddy) is climbing to the top of the saw dust pile. Jackson especially loves to climb to the top and scream "I am king of the world" They love love love to be bare footed and of course like all little boys get as dirty as possible. We only go out in the garden after 6 when the shade is covering the garden. That ways its not as hot and the boys can get dirty and then we head in to the bath!!! I have really enjoyed doing a garden this year. Shocking I know!! I still hate to get dirty, sweaty and be outside, But it is very relaxing and peaceful watching God do his magic!!

I know he looks a little dorky, but still ever so cute!!!
Tomato plants!!

My largest squash plant. It is the only plant that survived my seeds.

Squash and cucumbers all bought at Lowes because my seeds probably got eaten by birds.

Here is a run down of what we have planted.
The whole family planted a row of potatoes.
Bart, Jackson and Stephen planted a row of onions. Stephen pulled them up and Bart and Jackson re-planted them.
I planted a whole row of squash seeds. (Only 1 survived)
I did a whole row of cucumbers. (none survived)
I planted 18 tomato plants.
I planted 9 cucumber plants. (Only 8 made it)
I planted 10 squash plants. (Only 9 made it)
I planted 18 watermelon plants.
My mom and Tif came and helped me one day with some fertilizing and hanging some tomato plants with bamboo. He transplanted 1 tomato plant and planted some of his own roots from their house.
Bart dug the garden with a track hoe and leveled it off. My father-in-law tilled it. It looks AMAZING. I try to go every evening even if its just for about 30 mins or so. I have watered it, fertilized it and keep the weeds out. Jackson does help me alot.
Jackson hopes to have enough watermelon and squash to sell to buy him an Itouch. He has alot saved up, but needs about $60 more. Hopefully he can do good at the Farmers market like he did last year!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

VBS 2010!!!!!!!!

Okay so these pictures are way late. We had VBS the 6th -11th. I have TONS of pictures of Stephen and hardly any of Jackson. I guess that's how it goes when you are the mom of a 2 yr old and have to stay with them. When Jackson was in the nursery class I took TONS of pictures of him. It seems like every picture I took of him he looks really mad or really silly. He HATES having his picture taken and so he usually makes a silly face just to get under my skin!! Gotta love 7 yr olds!!!

This is the nursery class. There were SO many little ones!!! What a blessing!!!

Matt was able to go with me 1 night!! He loved it!!

Music class was a favorite!!!


Again another mad looking Jackson. Was it the shirt??? Was it cause he wanted to sit beside someone else?? No it was cause he did not want me to take his picture. Man I must really embarrass the heck outta that kid!!

Jacksons friend Caleb Reddy came one night.

Super Terry and Super Cooper!! Stephen was scared of the doggy and Jackson said they were boring. Typical 7 yr old again!!

Oh wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What is that??? Is that my sweet little precious Jackson smiling???????? It took 3 pictures to get this one good one!! Here Jackson is with his BFF Caleb Blocker!!

The 1st night the kids had alot of fun playing ball. I seriously think my 2 boys could just live the rest of their lives with just a ball. I think it is a favorite toy of all!!
Stephen was trying really hard to keep up with the big boys!!

Michaela went with us all week and she is just a joy to have. Such a precious little girl who loves to learn about the Lord!!

An action shot of Jackson!! This boy is always on the move!!

Caleb and Stephen trying to beat Jackson!!

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