Monday, June 28, 2010

VBS 2010!!!!!!!!

Okay so these pictures are way late. We had VBS the 6th -11th. I have TONS of pictures of Stephen and hardly any of Jackson. I guess that's how it goes when you are the mom of a 2 yr old and have to stay with them. When Jackson was in the nursery class I took TONS of pictures of him. It seems like every picture I took of him he looks really mad or really silly. He HATES having his picture taken and so he usually makes a silly face just to get under my skin!! Gotta love 7 yr olds!!!

This is the nursery class. There were SO many little ones!!! What a blessing!!!

Matt was able to go with me 1 night!! He loved it!!

Music class was a favorite!!!


Again another mad looking Jackson. Was it the shirt??? Was it cause he wanted to sit beside someone else?? No it was cause he did not want me to take his picture. Man I must really embarrass the heck outta that kid!!

Jacksons friend Caleb Reddy came one night.

Super Terry and Super Cooper!! Stephen was scared of the doggy and Jackson said they were boring. Typical 7 yr old again!!

Oh wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What is that??? Is that my sweet little precious Jackson smiling???????? It took 3 pictures to get this one good one!! Here Jackson is with his BFF Caleb Blocker!!

The 1st night the kids had alot of fun playing ball. I seriously think my 2 boys could just live the rest of their lives with just a ball. I think it is a favorite toy of all!!
Stephen was trying really hard to keep up with the big boys!!

Michaela went with us all week and she is just a joy to have. Such a precious little girl who loves to learn about the Lord!!

An action shot of Jackson!! This boy is always on the move!!

Caleb and Stephen trying to beat Jackson!!

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