Friday, September 25, 2009

I am back on!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been out of the blogging world for so long and missed it. SO I am back and can't wait to share our exciting life!!!! Here is a quick update on the kiddos:

Stephen: 20 months old and will officially be 2 Jan 31st. He does not talk that much and can only say a few words. Those words being: Ma and sometimes Mama, Da and sometimes Dada, HOT, stop, bye, no, down, shoes, key, nana, me me (my mom and he calls himself that), buh for bubba. Here are a few words that I "think" he is saying. Truck, trailer, and amen. I am sure there are others, but being the slacker mom I am have not really wrote them down. Stephen is becoming a better eater and now weighs 24.5 lbs. I forget how tall he is but they say he is in the 90% of kids his age. To me he is so short, but anyways like it matters. His new fave toys are Jacksons old fave toys which makes sharing a BLAST!!!!!!!!! He will not share. PERIOD end of story. He is using the potty like crazy both 1 and 2. He does whatever his big bro is doing including walking backwards like him home from the bus stop. He enjoys hitting and slapping his big bro even if Jackson is being a perfect angel!! He is a big fan of shoes and tooth brushes. He loves to help throw away important papers from the office and loves to play with the computer and telephone. On a good day he likes to put screw drivers into the hard drive. He really loves to turn off the tv or turn the volume up really really loud and especially likes turning the channel when Jackson is watching his 30 min of tv for the day. He loves giving kisses, but only when he wants to. When he gives them he gives about 10 at a time. Still does not sleep through the night and LOVES to be rocked to sleep. He adores his sippy cup with milk or water and is not a big juice fan unless it is his organic juice box with the puppy juice holder his grandma gave his big brother. There is so much about this little booger!!!!

Jackson is almost 7. October 18 will be his birthday. He is in the 1st grade and is actually LOVING school this year. He enjoys life and is full of energy. He has the cutest smile and lights up a room where ever he goes. When he laughs everyone laughs with him. He is so funny and LOVES to trick people. He loves playing outside and is really into bugs right now. He is learning to read and picks up new words everyday. He loves to pick on his younger brother, but does not like his younger brother picking on him. He is about 4ft 3in. Just a little shorter than me. He still kisses me and gives me hugs even when around his friends. He wants me to walk him in to school and holds my hand the entire time. Loves to be at home and loves to be outside. Most of the time he enjoys doing his homework. He loves to play board games and loves for me to read him books. He is sleeping all by himself since the 1st night of school. I no longer lay down with him till he falls asleep. He brushes his teeth, gets a drink of water, tells us good night and gives us kisses and then we turn his closet light on. He is so into under armour right now its not even funny. His best friends are still Ethan and Caleb Blocker and I think they will be forever. He is a super swimmer and bike rider! The thing he is super excited about this year at school is being able to read chapter books by the end of 1st grade. Enjoys playing all sports and is looking forward to playing Basketball next month.
Well I know that's alot of information about 2 little boys. They are my life and love being their mom. I am blessed beyond my wildest dreams.

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