Wednesday, November 30, 2011


My boys have always LOVED baking and cooking. Stephen has his very own kitchen set that he got last year for Christmas. He plays with it all day long every day even after 1 year! Jackson is such a big help in the kitchen and I can tell him to make something and it will turn out just as good or better than if I were to do it! During Thanksgiving break they helped me make cinnamon rolls!! Can't wait to do more baking during Christmas break!!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Been busy

My baby boy turned 9. Finished his very first year of racing. He came in 7th. We go Saturday for the awards banquet and we are so excited we can't wait! I am just so proud of him for finishing in the top 10 his first year! His second season of football finished! He got new glasses and a new exercise for his eyes so that come February he wont have to have a patch. We went on a school field trip. Stephen got to ride the bus for a little while and that I think made his whole year!! He LOVED riding the bus! This is them on the Appalachian trail!

Stephen is still not into watching much tv so we spend alot of time playing outside and finding some of bubba really cool toys!! We made houses one day and the orange part was the smoke stick. AKA the chimney!

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