Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Today I am luvin that Jackson has no homework this week.  It means he gets to come home and play till his heart is content!!!  I am also loving the new early bedtime since its CRCT week ;)  The kids have actually liked it as well and have not fussed about it at all!

I am loving that I get to stay home with this little feller still!  He cried when I left him with daddy so I could go to the dentist.  Not sure how school is going to go come August, but I sure am loving he still loves his mommy.  I am also loving that he is doing so good on his letter recognition and bike riding abilities!!

and of course I am loving this sweet girl.  Here mama let me keep her Tuesday and I loved every minute of it.  Except the time that my husband was being a baby hog, but then I got her to laugh while I tickled her belly!!
In other non related picture news..............

I am loving the fact that Bart bush hogged our land.  Makes it look so good.  He also brought me several buckets of compost that we will put on the garden around the corn we planted.

I am loving the fact that my garden looks amazing (thanks to Bart and Farrell!!!)  even though we had one morning of frost.  It doesn't look like they got burnt or anything!!  I am hoping it didn't hurt them since they look soooooo good!!!!!!!!!!!

I love that Jackson seems to be doing really good for his CRCT test.  His teacher emailed me today and said his small group teacher that is in charge of him while taking the test said he is really taking his time!  PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!  He usually rushes through his test and that ends up with a bad grade.  Praying he does good since he is slowing down and taking his time!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

4th points race, Grandmas Birthday and CRCT testing

Our weekend started off on some what of a rocky state.  Friday Stephen decided he was going to be a terror kid and was just plain awful.  Now every kid has their moments and Friday was definitely Stephens.  Bless his little heart he must be having allergies or a little cold.  I knew he had to be tired and since they haven't napped since they were twoish I thought I would make Matt and Stephen lay down to rest.  I did this on Thursday and it was just awesome!  They fell right to sleep Thursday but Friday they weren't having it.  So I caved and let them get up and play.  There was 2 different times that Matt wasn't doing anything and Stephen was just plain mean.  I am blaming allergies or a cold???  Anyway I thought he would sleep in the truck on the way to the race track, but he didn't. :(  He actually minded pretty well Friday night or I was just to tired to care???  We had a good time at the track Friday night and Jackson had a blast playing with his friends!  He didn't come in the trailer till midnight and then him and Bart stayed up till 2 watching a movie.

We woke up at 7:30 and ate breakfast at the Commerce Cafe.

Afterwards I tried fixing my hair in the trailer so people wouldn't be embarrassed by me.!!  I forgot to pack my hair dryer and straightener.  I couldn't find my hair brush, but later found it that night around 9pm.  So my hair was all natural!  ugh!!!  sorry to the people who looked at me!!  

Stephen rode bikes 

and Jackson played with friends!

Stephen and I went back in the trailer to clean up.

We had a good race day.  We did go out 1st round, but we still had fun.

Stephen is officially the tire cleaner!

Jackson cut a .005 light!!!  We were super happy about that.  To bad it wasn't during qualifying. :(  We'll get 'em next time!

Stopping to get gas Stephen was done cleaning the tires and decided to take a rest!

Finally he sleeps!!  He took a nap on the way home!

Sunday was a GORGEOUS day!  We went to Grandmas birthday celebration and the kids had alot of fun! We missed Jackson and I think Kahlab wanted to come over and ride 4wheelers!

Matt can hit the ball really really good!

My cousin Celia, my sister Pamela and me!

Stephen wanted to ride bikes decided to wear Matts helmet backwards!

There was lots of wrestling!

Lots of fighting over balls!!

After the birthday party Stephen wanted to go over to Nana and Papas!  I had to have a picture of Stephen in front of the roses.  Aren't they gorgeous this year??  Got to have one where the kid has a clean nose and a clean shirt!!

This week is a super low key week for us.  Its CRCT testing at White County schools.  Jackson has to be in bed by 8pm every night.  He gets to eat breakfast at school all week and got to take 2 packs of gum to school.  He was happy about those 2 things!  He went to bed at 8:20 last night.  I know 20 min late the first night.  Just pray I get him in bed the rest of the week on time!  He actually went down pretty fast and was in a super good mood this morning!  He was still tired from this weekends festivities and said he wanted to go to bed at 7pm!!  Yeah right!!  Like that will happen!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Baseball 2012

In the middle of Racing and Stephen playing soccer we also manage to make it to Baseball.  We missed one game because of a race and this Saturday we will be missing another game.  Thats the last we will miss.  

Here he is before his 1st game he played.  So cute!

Here he is getting ready to bat.
I have forgotten to give anyone a schedule so here is a list of the remaining games.
Saturday April 28th @ 9:00
Thursday May 3rd @ 5:30
Saturday May 5th @ 10:30
Thursday May 10 @ 5:30
Saturday May 12 @ 10:30
Monday May 14th @ 5:30

Monday, April 16, 2012

No Training wheels!

Bart and Stephen were in the shop Saturday afternoon and Bart called me at the house and told me he needed me up at the shop.  So I walked up there and he told me to stand at the door.  He gave Stephen one tiny push and Stephen was off.  He was actually riding his new red bike he got from nana and papa for Christmas.

Thats all he wants to do now!  He got to show grandma and grandpa and Mary Grace Sunday afternoon and then Sunday evening Nana and Papa came over when Jackson got home!  He was proud to show his bubba!!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Masters 2012 and Sunday surprises!

My dad went to the Masters this past weekend and bought the boys new hats!  Stephen LOVES his hat.  Stephen didn't really realize the hats were for him and bubba so after they left he saw them sitting out side on the porch.  I told them they were for him and Jackson and he went straight outside to get them.  He hasn't taken it off since.  Well except for bath and supper.  He tried laying down with it for bed, but I told him he wouldn't be comfortable.

He wanted a picture taken of just the kids by themselves!!

But he agreed to one with him and bubba so Grandma and Grandpa could have one.
The pictures are crappy quality so I will have to try again.  Maybe with a little polo shirt or something!

I was really glad that they came over today.  Mary Grace is in gymnastics and they are always on the go so they are familiar with busy schedules.  Life gets hectic and we don't get to see each that much or even talk much.  With baseball, soccer and racing on top of all our normal school and church activities things get crazy.  Its nice when people take time especially dad and Jo Anna's schedule just to come over to play with the boys.  Its the little things in life that matter the most.    Me and Mary Grace, my little sister who by the way is now as tall as me tried giving dad the pouty face and puppy dog eyes so we could all go to DQ.  After 30 years the pouty mouth and puppy dog eyes didn't work!!  

We were also blessed with a visit from Nana and Papa.  Stephen got to show off his new riding skills since his daddy taught him to ride without training wheels.  Jackson was pretty proud of him as well! Bart tried taking a video, but I am not sure how it turned out.  He has to ride in the shop since its about the only place to ride around here since we have a gravel drive way.

I have had a great day with our surprise visits.  After Nana and Papa left I came inside to cook supper.  The phone rang a few times from Bart and about the 3rd time I saw his number and thought uh what now.  But it was actually important this time and I was told to get outside.  Jackson wrecked his motorcycle and I ran out there.  He rides really really good, but he wrecked it.  Its not the 1st time and I am sure its not the last time either.  Bart did make him get back on it and ride one more lap.  He went really slow that time!  He has a bad scratch on his arm and his knee is all bruised up.  Tough little guy though!

Praying everyone has a really blessed week.  We had lots on our prayer list at church so those are really close to my heart right now.  Jackson has a baseball game Monday night and Stephen has soccer Tuesday, I have a bible school meeting Tuesday and Jackson's little friend is coming over Wednesday for Church.  Not sure what will get into Thursday, but I know one little boy who is excited for racing Saturday!  OH and Praise God a soul was saved this morning at Church!!!!!  God is so good!!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Easter 2012

Easter Sunday Jackson was with his dad.  We missed him really bad.  We didn't have an Easter Egg hunt or anything.  The Easter bunny came by and left a little surprise!  Stephen was excited that the Easter bunny left something for him and his bubba!  After an amazing Easter Service at Church we went to eat at Wendels in Helen.

When Jackson got home we hurried and got him ready for Church.  It was the start of our Spring Revival.  

These two boys melt my heart and were so excited to be back with each other!

Stephen cracks me up cause he is so stinkin silly!  He looks so grown up and to think hes only 4 and will be starting PreK this fall.  :(

Look at him.  Man he is something else!  He was eating some candy from the Easter bunny and had blue teeth!
Looking at these pictures makes me wanna go pick the weeds out!  maybe I can get Bart to just put out fresh mulch or maybe Stephen will wanna work and pull them out!!  I am just not an outdoorsy person!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring Break 2012

Its hard to believe we were on Spring Break for 11 days and I have only 10 pictures to account for it.  I have got to do better!!  It started Wednesday night March 28th.  Jackson had a friend come home from school with him and we went to Church.  He spent the night with us that night.  Thursday night Jackson spent the night with a different friend.  Jackson went with his dad that Friday night and Saturday we raced.  Monday was a work day for us and we cleaned and did as much laundry as we could!  Tuesday we headed out early to pick Mary Grace up in Commerce.  We then headed to Greenville to pick up my nephew Kahlab.  I got to see 2 of my nieces and my sister!  We spent the night with my dad and Wednesday we woke up and headed to SIX FLAGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The kids enjoying a snack.

I stayed with the big kids while grandma spent the day with Stephen.  Jackson wanted to spend some time with Stephen so we rode one roller coaster with Stephen!

Jackson was excited that he got to ride with Stephen!

Stephen loved the pop corn there!!!

Not sure whats up with Stephens eyes!!

About to ride a water ride!

Wednesday night it was so late and I was tired so we ended up staying with Dad and Jo Anna again!

As soon as we got home Thursday the boys rode 4wheelers!

Stephen was excited to ride!

Taking a break.  They found the frig in the shop and they thought they could get drinks whenever they wanted to!!
I seriously can't remember what we did Friday other than get ready to go racing.

Monday, April 9, 2012

3rd points race 04/07/2012

I brought my camera fully charged to the race track Friday night.  Jackson had a friend ride with us.  I had every intention of taking a picture of them.  But I forgot.  Well I didn't necessarily forget, I chased Stephen around and then we hurried to tech, the to the staging lanes and then back to the trailer to fill up the car with gas then back to the staging lanes, then back to the trailer for more gas and then again one more time.  Then power hour started and Jackson's friend had to leave.  Me and Stephen settled in for the night with a Strawberry Shortcake movie that was left in the trailer when we bought it.  Stephen decided it was a boring girl movie and I left him in the trailer to go to a friends motor home to borrow the movie Brother Bear.  Stephen watched it for about 10 minutes and was asleep by 11.

Saturday we woke up.  Got a shower and brushed our teeth.  We rode on the golf cart to Commerce Country Cafe.  Ate some breakfast and headed back to the track.  We waited around a bit and let the kids ride scooters.  Soon it was tech time and we headed to get our bracelets.  Stephen is always shy, and the lady giving out the bracelets tells him he can't have on unless he talks to her.  So shyly he ask "can me pease have baclet?"  "tank you"

After tech we waited for them to call us for time trials.  Jackson got in 2 time trials I think.

After time trails were over we waited for them to call us for qualifying.  Jackson got a .082 or maybe it was a .083.  He was close to the front and there were several more 8-9 yr olds waiting to go.  We thought since he got the .082 light he didn't have a chance in getting it.  Last weeks winner was like a .036 and a perfect light is .000  You have to get as close to the .000 light without someone getting closer and you win.  He was really bummed, but if you know my Jackson you know he has the sweetest spirit about him.  He was sad that he didn't get a better light, but he went on with life and decided we would try harder next race.

We went back up to the line to watch the older ones qualify.  After everyone was done I went up to the tower just to see if he had gotten it by some chance.  We had heard he got beat by the 10-12 yr old group, but its so loud you can't hear.  The announcer was up there and I asked him who got it for the 8-9 yr old group.  He said soooo very slowly Jackson.  There are so many new 8-9 yr olds this year that I was waiting for the last name before I got excited.  I didn't know if there might be another Jackson.  Finaly he said Earwood.  I was so excited!!!!!!!!!  He gave me Jackson's trophy and I carried it out to Bart and Stephen and Bart was like you better double check because I don't think Jackson got one.  I said he had Jackson's name written down and he read it to me and then handed me the trophy.

Jackson was in a friends motor home and I really wanted to surprise him.  We drove the golf cart to his friends motor home and about the same time the announcer comes over the radio with the names of the top qualifier.  Jackson ran down the steps of the motor home and then everyone starts telling him congratulations.  Okay I am getting teary eyed thinking of how happy my baby was!!!  He has worked soooooo hard for this.  Last year he had the best lights and we got 3 trophies for it.  The 1st being the night of fire that was in June.  So since he has already got one this early in the season we are so proud and excited for him!!!!

He has done so good this year.  Jackson asked how he got Top Qualifier with his .082 light.  I told him "by the grace of GOD and your mamas prayers"  God knew Jackson needed that.  We are so thankful to God's blessings!

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