Monday, April 23, 2012

4th points race, Grandmas Birthday and CRCT testing

Our weekend started off on some what of a rocky state.  Friday Stephen decided he was going to be a terror kid and was just plain awful.  Now every kid has their moments and Friday was definitely Stephens.  Bless his little heart he must be having allergies or a little cold.  I knew he had to be tired and since they haven't napped since they were twoish I thought I would make Matt and Stephen lay down to rest.  I did this on Thursday and it was just awesome!  They fell right to sleep Thursday but Friday they weren't having it.  So I caved and let them get up and play.  There was 2 different times that Matt wasn't doing anything and Stephen was just plain mean.  I am blaming allergies or a cold???  Anyway I thought he would sleep in the truck on the way to the race track, but he didn't. :(  He actually minded pretty well Friday night or I was just to tired to care???  We had a good time at the track Friday night and Jackson had a blast playing with his friends!  He didn't come in the trailer till midnight and then him and Bart stayed up till 2 watching a movie.

We woke up at 7:30 and ate breakfast at the Commerce Cafe.

Afterwards I tried fixing my hair in the trailer so people wouldn't be embarrassed by me.!!  I forgot to pack my hair dryer and straightener.  I couldn't find my hair brush, but later found it that night around 9pm.  So my hair was all natural!  ugh!!!  sorry to the people who looked at me!!  

Stephen rode bikes 

and Jackson played with friends!

Stephen and I went back in the trailer to clean up.

We had a good race day.  We did go out 1st round, but we still had fun.

Stephen is officially the tire cleaner!

Jackson cut a .005 light!!!  We were super happy about that.  To bad it wasn't during qualifying. :(  We'll get 'em next time!

Stopping to get gas Stephen was done cleaning the tires and decided to take a rest!

Finally he sleeps!!  He took a nap on the way home!

Sunday was a GORGEOUS day!  We went to Grandmas birthday celebration and the kids had alot of fun! We missed Jackson and I think Kahlab wanted to come over and ride 4wheelers!

Matt can hit the ball really really good!

My cousin Celia, my sister Pamela and me!

Stephen wanted to ride bikes decided to wear Matts helmet backwards!

There was lots of wrestling!

Lots of fighting over balls!!

After the birthday party Stephen wanted to go over to Nana and Papas!  I had to have a picture of Stephen in front of the roses.  Aren't they gorgeous this year??  Got to have one where the kid has a clean nose and a clean shirt!!

This week is a super low key week for us.  Its CRCT testing at White County schools.  Jackson has to be in bed by 8pm every night.  He gets to eat breakfast at school all week and got to take 2 packs of gum to school.  He was happy about those 2 things!  He went to bed at 8:20 last night.  I know 20 min late the first night.  Just pray I get him in bed the rest of the week on time!  He actually went down pretty fast and was in a super good mood this morning!  He was still tired from this weekends festivities and said he wanted to go to bed at 7pm!!  Yeah right!!  Like that will happen!!!

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