Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Chattahoochee VBS 2012

Jackson's little friend Tyler invited him to VBS last week.  Monday we couldn't go because we went to Six Flags.  Jackson went Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Stephen asked to go on Wednesday and Thursday.  On Thursday they had a hot air balloon ride for everyone.  The boys LOVED it!!!  They didn't go way up high, but it was still something they have never done before!!

Jackson was tired of me taking pictures!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pinterest favorites!

So I love pinterest and I love making things and keeping my kids busy right!!  Well I saw on Pinterest homemade ice cream through another blog I read!  Its super easy and all you need is a sandwich size ziplock bag, gallon size ziplock bag, milk, vanilla flavoring, salt, ice and sugar!  

I let the boys pour their stuff in the ziplock bags.

Then they shook it really good

Then we poured them in bowls.

and then we enjoyed our snack! 
Its really easy and something your kids can do mostly by themselves.

1 Table spoon Sugar
1/2 Cup of Milk
1/4 teaspoon of vanilla

Mix together in small ziplock bag

Fill the gallon ziplock bag half way with ice and spread 6 Tablespoons of salt on top.  Close gallon ziplock bag and shake for about 5-8 minutes till it thickens and no longer runny.

I used skim milk, but saw lots of recipes with half&half and I am sure that whole milk would be tons better!!

All 3 boys LOVED it and we are trying chocolate next!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Six Flags with the Youth

We had the best time with our Church Youth Group at Six Flags!!!  It was a perfect day.  Short wait lines, good breezes and best of all..........good kids.  

We started our trip off right with getting on board a charted bus!!!

The boys thought they were hot stuff not having to sit in a car seat or getting buckled up!  They enjoyed watching movies on the bus!

Jackson sat in the back with the cool peeps!!

We made it to 6 Flags safely and of course we got a group shot!!

Our 1st stop was Monster Plantation!!  We got to go with Felicia and her group of girls!!  BTW have you ever seen so many good girls!!  I mean usually you have some bratty, snoby, mean girls.  Not our youth group!  I seriously mean these girls and even the ones not pictured are all sooooo sweet!!!

Of course Stephen wanted to sit with Teagan and Chasity!

Our next stop was  the logs.  I think this was one of Matts Favorites!!

After the 2 rides we went back to our bus and ate lunch.  After lunch we waited for the tram bus to take us back for more FUN!!!

!st stop after Lunch was Skully Island!!!  Stephen LOVED it.  Duh it has water doesn't it!!!!!!!!!!

Of course Molly loved it as well!!

Matt had a blast here too!!

We saw Jackson and Tyler!!!!!  I was so glad to get a few pictures since this was the only time I got to see him except during lunch!!!!!!!!

After we changed back into dry clothes we rode the ACME roller coaster!

While waiting in line we got to see 2 of Mt Views groups!

We danced some!!  and snacked!

2nd group!  While standing in line I realized I had 3 small kids and just one adult.  I wasn't sure if they would let 2 of the small kids ride by themselves and then one ride with me.  So I got Tegan and Chasity to wait at the exit and then they came in line with us so each little kid could have someone with them!!

They kids really like it!!!!!!!!!!  Matt rode up front with Chasity and Molly was with Tegan and Stephen with me!!!!!

After the ACME roller coaster the little kids rode the bull!

Then the pirate swings!!!

I thought this one was adorable!!!!

Couldn't ever get a good picture close together!  Stephen was always waving when he came by!

Air planes was another favorite!!!!!

Then the transfer trucks!!!

Stephen would take his little hand and hold it up to his mouth and pretend he was talking in a CB!!!!

They all loved this swing!!!!!

Waiting in line for another ride!

They rode this thing 3 times tring to sit beside each other!

Finally all 3 sitting with each other!  I think they were really tired by this point and kinda bored!!!

Back to Monster Plantation with Molly!!!!!

I don't think she was sure of it!!!!!!!

Our last stop was Thunder River!  Of course we got soaked, but it was fine!  It felt good!

Stephen enjoyed sitting with Tegan and Chasity!!!

He came back and forth and I wanted to take a picture, but he put his hand up and said stop!!!!

Guess they got wore out!!!!!
We had such a good time!!!  Already trying to plan at least one more trip to 6 flags with the kids before summers over!

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