Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Garden 2012/Little Farmer boy

We have had alot of fun working in the garden this year.
Thankfully we have had plenty of rain and I haven't had to water at all.

This little one has been quite the helper!

His brother on the other hand..................well he has ran a few errands to
the house or shop to get things we might need and he has picked a few weeds,
but conveniently he has been gone or had a friend over riding four wheelers!! 

We have worked late in the night some and the boys really enjoy that best.
They know their chance on catching frogs are bigger at night!

Just give Stephen some dirt and a hoe or shovel and he is good to go!

He is VERY careful and watches out for the plants.

My husband bought this for me, but I have not used it yet.
He actually used it the other day and it works really good!

I am begging to get some squash!!

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  1. These are some of the cutest pictures of Stephen! I love them. You have a nice garden. If Bart runs across another small tiller, tell him to get me one if the price is great! Your squash plants look good. We only had room for one. :(( We have gotten three squash already. I told Mark to let Matt take some veggies on a Sat. to the Farmer's Market. You should let Stephen when yours come in. I would take both of them and let them sell their squash. Or at least if you would let me take Stephen! I love Farmer Stephen's pictures. He is really working with his hoe in the garden. That is priceless!


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