Sunday, February 26, 2012

Jackson and ADHD

Jackson was diagnosed with ADHD back in December.  His teachers have been discussing the ADHD since kindergarten.  At first I was I really upset that he had several of the signs of "ADHD" and sometimes I just ignored the fact that people thought he was "ADHD".  I didn't like the labels and really just wanted it all to go away.  I loved him the way he was and did not understand why people could not love him the way he was.  Bart and I are not wanting to try the medicine and I am SOOOOO glad we have not done so.  I will tell you why later.

 First here are some of the reason we aren't wanting to try the medicine for now:

1.  Medicine will change him and GOD created him.  Why would I want to change something GOD created??

2.  He might have side affects like his appetite, headaches, stomach aches, not able to sleep good, nervousness, or tics.

3.  Find different ways to help him.

4.  He is not so "hyper" anymore and he is maturing a lot.

I think it is really important to keep GOD close in all areas of you life and pray about anything you want to pray about.  He has A LOT of people praying for him.  We have asked prayer at church for him in the past and he has lots of family members who pray for him.  He has a mama who prays for him lots daily.  Jackson has always had a really good appetite and I would hate to see him drop weight because I was popping a pill in his mouth.  I know that does not happen with every ADHD case, but I have seen soooo many where it has effected their eating habits.  Jackson has always been a super good sleeper.  When he lays down at night he is out like a light.  I am a firm believer in extra help.  If it takes a non-adhd child 15 minutes to do homework it might take Jackson an hour.  I always sit down with him and help him do his homework.  Yes sometimes it stresses me out and yes sometimes we get upset, but I would rather spend lots of extra time with him to help him re read his passage, help him with spelling or sit down and give him examples of fractions for math.  Yeah I would rather be playing on Facebook or even watching tv, but knowing that I can take that extra time with him right now is worth not giving him the medicine.  He matures from year to year.  When 1st grade started his guidance counselor commented on how mature he got over summer.  I think his racing has matured him a lot and being around the kids at church more has matured him alot.  And most of it is that he is growing up, learning right from wrong and learning there is a time and place for everything.  Yes he still has moments when i have to say to him "Jackson are you 9 or 4?"  BUT he has improved dramatically.  He is growing up to be a really good mature young man.

So back in December we went back to the doctor and got a written diagnosis.  He has an AMAZING doctor in Lawrencville.  Dr. Rubina is a wonderful Psychiatrist and she is with Gwinnett Psychiatry.  You can visit their website here.  She was able to send in the written diagnosis to Jackson's school and his school has put him on a 504 plan.  He gets extra help at school and will get help during standardize testing.  He wont get help with questions or answers, but he will get to be in a small class setting and extra time to take the test.  That will help him so much because every little noise he hears he gets distracted.  If he hears another student cough or sneeze he stops what he is doing looks around and then when we goes back to what he is doing he is lost.  Same with the door opening, air conditioning turning on or someone talking.

It has been A LOT of work.  Not only for Jackson, but for me and his teachers as well.  Jackson is a trooper though and LOVES to go to his small groups.  We haven't got his test grades for last Friday but the week before he had AMAZING test grades!  He seems to be doing so well.  We are all sooooo proud of him and well here is a picture to see why we are soooo proud of him!

My sweet Jackson was star Student the week of Jan. 17th and again on the week of Feb 20th.  
He did not flip his card for 4 weeks straight.  When he was flipping his card it was for the occasional talking, playing and just being a typical little boy.  For the past 4 weeks when he was doing something wrong he either corrected after realizing it on his own or correcting it after 1 try and not getting constant reminders.  It helps that he has like the best teacher ever!  We LOVE her so much.  While we aren't out of the dark yet we couldn't be more proud!  We still have about 12 weeks of school left and the CRCTs are coming quickly.  We have a lot of work to do to pass the CRCTs, but I am confident through prayer and his 504 plan that he will do his best and that is all a mama can ask for.  

I am so glad that we have not gave in and tried the medicine.  He really has done so good with out it and I know that he will continue to do so.  Please pray for him that he continues to do good in life and school and that he passes the English part of his CRCT.  

Sunday, February 19, 2012

2nd cousins

Matt and Stephen
3 months apart
2nd cousins
best buddies

They might just might be 2nd cousins, but they are like brothers.  I keep Matt usually 4 days a week sometimes just 3.  These little fellers are so sweet together.  They love to play with each other.  They get along together so well and share together so good!  We are super luck to have such good little boys!

Lately I can't keep them inside. They LOVE playing outside.  That is where little boys should be!  We have been taking lots of nature trails here lately.  Walking to the creek and looking for deer markings, funny rocks or really big sticks.  They love climping on top of the top soil pile.  Its fun having boys!

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Today I went to get a pedicure done and I was almost finished when 2 girls walked in.  They were sisters and I use to work with the oldest sister and then my husband graduated with the other one.  It made me miss my sisters so much.  Pamela the oldest lives 2 hrs away and Mary the youngest lives about 45 min away.  Its hard to get together with everyone's schedule.  I actually found this picture about 2 weeks ago.  I was wanting Barts opinion on my hair and this is about the only one I found with me having short hair and it actually fixed!  ha!!  This was taken in 2003 when we were eating for my birthday.  

Its sooooo nice to be with them.  
We had a family day at the Lake in August 2010.

Mary is 17 years younger than me and 19 1/2 years younger than Pamela. 
I can't remember what we did this day.  It was taken in May 2011 and I think we went to get Pedicures???

Thanksgiving 2011 at Pamela's house.

I love my sisters and they aren't just sisters.  They are friends to.  I miss them like crazy!!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Raising boys

I came across this blog on Pinterest and knew I had to share.  I have several mom friends that have boys and thought they might enjoy it!  You can find the blog here.     I am now on a mission to find the book that she talked about in her blog called Mother To Son, by Melissa and Harry Harrison.  Some of the things that she quoted out of the book really touched home to me.  I am going to copy and paste directly from her blog, but please go and read her post.

“Don’t forget that as a baby, he will always be looking for your face. It will be this way forever.”
“The more you talk to him, the sooner he’ll talk to you.”
“Relax. Throwing food is normal. Heck, throw back.”
“It’s okay if he falls down. What’s important is that he picks himself back up again.”

“His tears will break your heart. So will his smiles.”
“If you make fun of him, he’ll learn to be shy.”
“He’ll continue to whine for as long as it works.”
“From you, he’ll learn the importance of telling the truth. Be a good role model.”
“Play catch with him. He won’t really care if you can’t catch a ball or throw a perfect pass.”
“Remember, your encouragement breeds confidence. It always will.”
“Don’t let his father forget that his son is still a little boy.”
“Don’t tolerate his tantrums. Ever.”
“Teach him how to set the table. This will amaze future girlfriends.”


“He’ll always look for you at his games. Sit where he can see you.” (Made me cry. No clue why).
“Remember, perfectly sane moms tend to freak out during soccer tryouts.”
“If he’s old enough to play, he’s old enough to carry his own equipment.”

“Remember, he’s probably hungry. Even if he just ate.”
“Teach him to hang up his clothes, even if it’s just easier to pick them up yourself.”
“When he dresses himself, tell him he looks great. Don’t worry about what others might think.”
“DON’T miss his school plays. Even if his role is ‘Tree #2.’ ”
“Talk to him about saving for the future. Give him a piggy bank.”
“Teach him to wipe his mouth on a napkin, not on his shirt.” (Love)
“The longer you baby him, the longer he’ll stay a baby.”
“If you discover HE’S the bully, realize something is very wrong. Usually at home.”

“Keep kissing him goodnight. Even if he doesn’t kiss back now.” (Crying again)
“Look him in the eye and tell him that if he ever starts doing drugs, his life as he knows it will come to an end.”
“Play Beethoven in the mornings. It will calm everybody down.”
“Don’t be upset that you can’t afford everything he wants. A small country couldn’t even afford everything he wants.”
“Do not let one single disrespectful comment slide. Ever. “
“He’s ready to learn about girls. He can either learn from you, or from MTV.”
“He will start using copious amounts of cologne. You might have to stagger outside for air.”
“Be a part of his world. Know what games he plays, what shows he watches, what music he’s listening to.”
“Don’t ask his teachers for special favors. They’ll think of your son as someone whose mom is looking after him. That kind of reputation will follow him for years.”
“If he complains other kids get a bigger allowance or more things, don’t give in. He’ll live.”

“If he becomes paralyzed when a girl says hello, you’ll know he’s discovered the opposite sex.”
“Don’t push him into a romantic relationship. Not now. Not ten years from now. Not ever.
“Remember you’re still one of his most important role models.”
“If he knows he can come to you with a problem, he will.”
“Learn the difference between supporting him, and rescuing him.”
“To your amazement, he will want clothes that cost more than his dad’s do. This is when you sit him down and explain the concept of getting a job.” (Love it!)
“He will want to talk at the most odd, mysterious, inconvenient times. Stop what you’re doing and talk.”
“If he does get a speeding ticket, don’t try to get it fixed. Send him to court. Wearing a tie.” (love)
“Remember if he smells odd to you, he smells odd to the world.”
“Remember, the stronger a mother you are, the stronger a man he will become.”
 I LOVED reading her post about Raising Boys!!  Boys are alot of fun, but they can be a handful!  I love the one about looking for you during sporting events.  Jackson does that.  He does that if he is just riding his 4wheeler.  He wants to know I am paying attention to him!! I also liked the one about eating.  Boys can eat now!!  I have NEVER missed a school play and only missed one sporting event.  It was Basketball and I was working at the time and going thru conversion so I HAD to be there.  I don't tolerate tantrums and they both know how to set the table!  I will baby them both as long as they allow me!!!  I still kiss them goodnight more than one time and when they beg for one more hug I always give them one more!  They don't whine.  It has never worked!!  Even though Jackson is old enough to play I usually carry his junk to the car.  They both know how to save!  Jackson saved and bought his own iTouch last year and at the moment he has saved $300 so far.  We talk about messing your life up with alcohol, drugs and bad decisions already.  He participates in Red Ribbon Week and has heard a few men preaching on youth night at Church about making right decision and how by doing something one time could mess up your whole life.  I wont allow disrespect.  When he is ready to learn about girls??????????????  ugh maybe Bart can do that one!!  We are a big part of his world and we know what games he plays and shows he watches and what music he listens to!  I hope come High School he still thinks of me as an important role model, come to me with problems, and knows the difference between supporting and rescuing!  If he does get a speeding ticket I will know its normal because me and Bart got them to!  About the clothes thing????  Stephen is 4 and already LOVES Under Armour!  Jackson is 9 and LOVES anything Abercrombie, Nike, Under Armour and anything with a big price ticket.  He LOVES expensive shoes, but he could care less about his pants or shorts!  But his shoes or shirts or jackets cost more than my stuff or Barts!!    

I can't wait to see if Walmart has the book!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Our love story

This kind of love blog linked up with From Mrs. to Mama.  I thought I would join in.  

1. How long have you and your significant other been together?

Since May 23, 2003 so 9 years this May.

2. How did you meet? {What's your "love" story?}

We knew of each other growing up.  We grew up about a mile away from each other.  Might have even rode the bus together a time or 2.  Not sure??  He banked with Regions and would come through the drive thru.  His sister came through one day and asked if I was married.  I said no and then she said "my brother thinks your pretty"  I was going through a super hard time and it made my heart smile!  I gave her receipt and said thanks.  The next week she came through again and I said do you know I have a baby?  I can't remember what she said, but I slipped her my number with her receipt and did not know how he would feel about me having a baby and all so I was not sure if he would call me.  Well he called that Monday night and asked me out for Friday!  We went to Texas Road house and a movie.  After the movie he drove me to see his land he owned and then we went back to my place.  He stayed till 2 am!  

3. If married, how long have you been married? If not, is this the guy you hope to marry? {do tell}

This coming September will be 8 years.  So about 7 1/2 years!

4. If you are married, where did you get married at? Big or small wedding?  If not, where would you like to get married? And will it be big or small?

We had a very small wedding in Greer, SC at the Candleberry Inn.  

5. Do you have any nick-names that you call one another? Do share!

not really

6. Name 3 things you love most about your honey.

#1  He is a super hard working man.

#2 He is the best dad in the world.  

#3  He goes to church with us.

7. Tell us how he proposed? Or your ideal proposal?

Richard Russell Scenic Hwy!  

8. Is he a flowers and teddy bear kind of guy for v-day, or strawberrieschampagne, and rose petals?

He use to be a flowers guy and since I am not really a flowers girl he stopped when I told him to.  Its a waste of money and I would rather get new clothes, eat out or get my nails done.

9. Are you a sunset dinner on the beach kind of girl, or pop a movie in and relax on the couch?

pop in a movie and relax on the couch!

10. Tell us one thing you'd like to do with your significant one day. If you could do anything? Go anywhere?

Well we have been to Vegas, Mexico and the Bahamas and Disney and I am not really a traveler so I don't really no where I would want to go.  Bart LOVES to travel and he wants to finish seeing the 7 wonders.  If I had to pick from one of those I guess it would be the Niagara Falls.  If we could do anything?................not sure about that one either?  We have an amazing family, I get to stay at home.  

11. Tell us what you plan on doing on this Valentine's Day.

Well I am going to bible study!  Its Beth Moore "Measureless Love"  That is perfect for Vday!!

12. Are you asking for anything this Valentine's day?

Not really.  Bart wants a label machine for his shop so we are going to get that.  I might get my nails done??

13. Give us one piece of advice of keeping a relationship strong and full of love.

I have 2.  Have God in your relationship and communication.

14.  Show us a picture of what love means to you.

 This picture is just after we got married.  He hated his tux.  So he changed!  We had a blast and he was not uncomfortable!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentines Church Party 2012

We had a great time last night at the Church Valentines party.  We ate pizza and all kinds of goodies!!

Thanking them for all their hard work on the new basement!

Judy did the lesson this year and it was really precious.  All the kids were so well behaved and they listened really well to!

The goodies!  The ones at the bottom of the picture are super marshmallows dipped in chocolate!  Really cute idea.  I think Autumn made them.  Someone should have took a picture of one and pinned it on pinterest!

The goody bags.

All the sweet mamas and some kiddos!  All these mamas are special to me because they have had a hand in teaching my kids in Church. From L-R.  Lydia is really precious and I know Jackson adores her and LOVES being in her class on Wednesday night!!!!  Felicia well I think Jackson really LOVES her as well!  She teaches him Sunday School and she is sooooo wonderful!  Jackson is always full of information and learns alot from her!!  The next one in the blue shirt is one of my BFFs!!  Ruthie!!  She is so precious!  Very dear to my heart.  Always smiling.  Taught both my boys on Sunday morning and Wednesday night.  Always uses her heart!  She is soooo smart with the bible and teaches the kids in such a special way!!  Stephen LOVES his ru ru and I think I can say that Jackson does as well.  Deana she is super creative.  Always there to help and my Stephen adores her.  She is always good at doing Wednesday crafts, but does an excellent job teaching as well.  Lily, Lydia's daughter!  Rhonda is another super crafty girl.  She taught my Stephen bible school and he enjoyed every minute of it!!  Next is Trae and Brooke!  Brooke is going to be like her granny, Mrs Charlotte and her mama, Missy.  She is always there.  Always.  From helping in the sound room, to helping with the youth!  I know Jackson loves her!!

 2 cute matching little girls!!  The littlest one is Stephens future wife in 30 years!  We have arranged it.

Stephen has his bag ready!

 Bronson and Jackson!  Love the smile on Jacksons face!!

 Now how could these 3 get any cutter???  Blonde hair and blue eyes!!  Heart breakers for sure!!

These 3 kiddos are pretty darn sweet too!!!  Darla, Eric and Meagan.  

Girly, Girl Molly!!  So sweet and cute!!!

The little ones going through their loot!

Stopping to smile so I can take another picture!

The bigs kids going through their stuff!!

I love our church youth group.  They are a blessing to me and my kids!!  When we have missed a Wednesday night  for varies reasons Jackson is soooo upset.  He seriously loves going to church especially on Wednesday night.  We have some amazing youth leaders.  We are truly blessed!   

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday
I am loving that it is warm enough for the boys to play outside!

I am loving that Stephen got his stitches out.

I am loving that tonight is our valentines party at Church.

I am loving Tuesday night bible study.  Its Beth Moore Measureless Love.

I am loving that I got to share a cookies n cream milkshake with my boys today.

Loving that racing season is about to start and we got Jackson's new license in the mail!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Consignment Sales

My favorite time of the year is consignment sale shopping.  Its twice a year so its really better than any season!!!  Spring/Fall!!!  I went to one of my favorite sales this weekend!  It was 3 Savvy Sisters.  Its a bit of a drive and with gas prices I was not sure if I would get to go.  I was only able to go Saturday which was fine by me.  It was 50% off most items.  I got a bouncy seat for baby Grace and a boppy for her as well.  I got a Kenneth Cole suit jacket, Under Armour football pants, Adidas soccer shoes, Jack in the box toy, Jackson 2 Nautica shirts, brand new pair of Gap pants for Jackson, a nice pair of shorts for Jackson, John Deere shirt for Stephen, Nike shirt, swim shirt and shorts for Stephen.  I might be leaving something out.  I spent $49.50 and remember I got a bouncy seat that vibrates and plays music!!!!!  I try to go through the boys closets and see what they might need for the upcoming seasons.  I had my list and really lucked up.  I did not have soccer cleats on my list, but when I went through the shoes I saw the Adidas size 11.  I asked one of the girls in charge and she told me they were soccer and not baseball!!!  I was sooooo happy and of course Stephen was to!!

Doesn't he look ever so handsome????  This is one of the outfits I got Jackson.  Nautica shirt $2.50 and a brand new pair of Gap pants $3.75.  Making the total outfit......................$6.25!!!!  He got all dressed up so we could go to the funeral home. :(  His best buddies grandmother passed away Saturday morning.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Jesus loves me

Stephen LOVES to sing.  He put all the Lego tunnels together and used it as a microphone and walked through the house singing Jesus loves me!!  It really is sweet to hear!  At Sunday School Ruthie always sings with the kids and they get to pick out their song.  Stephen always chooses Jesus Loves Me.  When the other children sing their songs he never sings along.  The last Sunday Ruthie sang Hes still working on me.  Later that day we were in the QT bathroom.  He started singing Hes still working on me as loud as he could!!!  

I love the fact that my kids are growing up to know who loves them and who is constantly working on them.  I just know God has a special plan for both of them.

On Tuesday my mother in law, Pam, and I started a bible study at Woodlawn Baptist.  Its a Beth Moore bible study and it is called Measureless Love.  I LOVED it.  I am so thankful for all of God's Love he shows me and my family.  I can't wait to learn more!  Beth Moore does an incredible job on bible study's.  

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Stephen aka the Wild One

Stephen got a birthday balloon on Monday.  Monday night he was taking it to show his daddy for about the 100th time!  When we did he was not looking where he was going and was looking up at his awesome Toy Story balloon.  He tripped on the balloon ribbon and fell on the desk.  Busted his head open.  We took him to the ER and he got 7 stitches!

Happy 4th Birthday to Stephen!

Stephen turned 4 years old last night (Jan 31st)
We went to the Lakeshore Mall to pick up Stephen's cake.  Stephen's favorite thing is the carousel.  So I promised him and Jackson a ride.  Jackson loves the round things that you can spin and make go faster.  They were broke, but he still had fun riding a horse!  

Afterwards we met Aunt Jo and Lanny and Kiku's to have supper!  Jackson and Stephen did not want their picture made!!

Stephen was kinda scared of it, but he did like it.  When the other tables were getting lit up he climbed under the table or  covered his eyes!

They let Jackson help cook!!

He LOVED that!!

After Supper we rode back to Pam and Farrell's house to have presents and cake!

He has been asking for this kinda cake for a while!  He LOVED it and it was super yummy to!!

Birthday boy and big bro!!!

Birthday boy with 7 stitches :(

4 candles!!

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