Monday, February 6, 2012

Consignment Sales

My favorite time of the year is consignment sale shopping.  Its twice a year so its really better than any season!!!  Spring/Fall!!!  I went to one of my favorite sales this weekend!  It was 3 Savvy Sisters.  Its a bit of a drive and with gas prices I was not sure if I would get to go.  I was only able to go Saturday which was fine by me.  It was 50% off most items.  I got a bouncy seat for baby Grace and a boppy for her as well.  I got a Kenneth Cole suit jacket, Under Armour football pants, Adidas soccer shoes, Jack in the box toy, Jackson 2 Nautica shirts, brand new pair of Gap pants for Jackson, a nice pair of shorts for Jackson, John Deere shirt for Stephen, Nike shirt, swim shirt and shorts for Stephen.  I might be leaving something out.  I spent $49.50 and remember I got a bouncy seat that vibrates and plays music!!!!!  I try to go through the boys closets and see what they might need for the upcoming seasons.  I had my list and really lucked up.  I did not have soccer cleats on my list, but when I went through the shoes I saw the Adidas size 11.  I asked one of the girls in charge and she told me they were soccer and not baseball!!!  I was sooooo happy and of course Stephen was to!!

Doesn't he look ever so handsome????  This is one of the outfits I got Jackson.  Nautica shirt $2.50 and a brand new pair of Gap pants $3.75.  Making the total outfit......................$6.25!!!!  He got all dressed up so we could go to the funeral home. :(  His best buddies grandmother passed away Saturday morning.

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