Saturday, March 31, 2012

2nd points race 0331/2012

Okay so I know this is 3 post in one day.  BUT if you didn't see the other post then click here to read about Jackson's 1st time down the track and his test n tune or you can click here and read about the 1st points race.  Anyways so we had a good day at the 2nd points race.  Jackson won 1st round and went out on the second round.  

Stephen got out the old wrist bands and today they were stickers! 
We got shirts.  Finally after a year into this we seem more like a team with team shirts!

Jackson and Hot Rod!

I like this picture.  I don't think I have ever taken on like this.  I think I need some photography classes since I didn't get it centered!

Jackson got to the line to get cranked and forgot to strap his arms down!  He couldn't find them so he had to pull himself up and look for them.  He found them!  They won't let you crank the car unless they are strapped!

Stephen thinks he is as big as the other kids or maybe he is just helping daddy.

I always want to know what is going on in their heads.  I  really don't think I wanna know what Bart is thinking.  To much info for this girl!  I know Jackson is probably bout to pee his pants and thinking please don't go red please don't go red.  I like to think Stephen is thinking please go green please go green or maybe he is how old do I have to be to do this again?  Or maybe he is thinking man I am sick of this place and when I turn 8 I am so not doing this!!

This will be his car when he turns 8! 
He knows how to steer people!

After the race Stephen and I rode with Bart to look at a bobcat job.  We were bored so we took a picture.  This so makes me wanna call Shelia to get more color!  

1st points race 03/24/2012

Jackson had a great 1st race of the season.  He won the 1st round, but went out the second round!  Here are the highlights of the day!

Saturday morning, Bart and Jackson left us and got breakfast.  I think this might have been Jackson's favorite part of the weekend!  They rode the Golf Cart down to the breakfast shop.  While they did that, Stephen slept and I got ready. 
Thankfully they brought us back breakfast!  Stephen didn't get his normal milk, but was thrilled to have diet coke!

MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE of the whole weekend!

Stephen loves getting our old wrist bands and he stuck them on the ceiling of above our bed.  Friday night they were train bells!!

Jackson's test n tune 03/23/2012

We went down Friday night to Atlanta Dragway for Jackson's test n tune.  It was his 1st time down the track for 2012.  

Stephen fell asleep on the way there and was ill.  Thankfully that all changed rather quick!

Todd and Cole helped us.  We had a new motor and a new clutch.  We felt like newbies.  Oh wait we still are!!

Doing a burn out.  His favorite!

For some reason I love this one.

This one would be my favorite if it was just Jackson and the tree!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Our week

Saturday was test n tune day at the track.  Unfortunately it rained and got canceled after we were there for about 4 hours.

The boys had fun riding scooters, tricycles, playing football and getting to see a few old friends from last year. 

Stephen was going to try and take a nap after eating some pop corn, but did not ever fall asleep!

Monday we had lunch outside and of course played outside all day!

Stephen was showing me a pouty face

and this was suppose to be a scared face.  Not sure what he was doing.

Our sweet dog Miley has been enjoying our nice weather.  We keep her in a pin and the boys get her out some.  She always runs to the road, but for some reason she has been really good to stay at the house.  So she has spent most of her time out with us!

Its been so hot and I make the boys drink tons of water.

Wednesday was spent in Gainesville and when we came home Stephen wanted a picture "with my best friend Miley"!!!

While waiting for Jackson and his 2 friends to get off the bus Stephen played Playhouse Disney.  This was his first time playing on the computer.  He eventually stopped playing and watch Chuggington on the computer!

Its Thursday and its raining and the power went off for about 2 seconds!  So we are spending our time inside for now.

Friday we are suppose to test Jackson's car, but its 80% chance of rain.  Saturday is an actual points race and its suppose to rain that day as well.  Hope the rain will give away before then!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

2nd visit with Baby Grace

I checked Jackson out of school a little early Wednesday so we could see my sweet niece Grace.  We are so in love with her!!!!!  She is the best baby!  I can say that because Stephen was a nightmare.  Had to be held all the time and if I ate the wrong things well he screamed!  Jackson was an easy baby.  He was sick alot because he was in day care and was around germy kids!  But he ate good, slept good, and was a good baby!  Grace has the prettiest skin, but when you have genes like her mama and her Nana then she would have had pretty skin like them!  Her hair is so pretty!  I can't wait to see if it will change colors.  Jackson was born with jet black hair and it is blonde now.  Stephen was born with blonde hair and kindly had a redish tent for a very very short time and his is super blonde!!

Stephen was so excited to hold her and he held her 1st again!  He had help with Aunt Holly!!  You can tell he was proud with that smile of his!

Jackson has had lots of practice holding babies!!  He is a pro and was excited to hold her!! 
I thought this was sweet of them.  Jackson was playing the Wii and Stephen was watching!  

Jackson is ready to see them again, but Stephen said "I liked going to Holly's, but its a long way.  They can come to my house next!"  


We had to go to the bank today and take Bart lunch.  There was a CVS just right down the road.  So I hurried up and got a small list of things that were on sale that I already had coupons for.  Since racing is starting and you know its going to be hot we have to have drinks.  We always take our huge water cooler that Bart uses for his job and fill it with water and ice.  We drink TONS of water, but I am a soda junkie and the kids of course likes to have a soda every now and then!  CVS had a great sale of drinks this week along with free Zyrtc and free Pediacare cough medicine.

Here is what I bought:

2 Irish Spring body wash
1 Pediacare cough and cold
1 pack of zyrtc 5ct.
5 12 packs of diet coke
3 snicker bunnies
1 Garnier hair spray

All I spent with tax and all was $15.11

The little boys needed cough medicine, I was in great need of hair spray and someone is always needing the zyrtc alergy medicine and the boys go through body wash like crazy!!  Its like I paid 0.25 a can and got everything else for free!!!!!!!!  I did not start off with any extra care buck and I don't have any left, but I still think I did EXCELLENT!

Be sure to check out,

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!!

I am loving that we are getting ready to go to the race track.  Test n tune is Saturday and I can't wait to see old friends  and hopefully make new ones!  We love to do this as a family and the kids have so much fun!  

I am loving the fact that I get to see this precious little girl today!!!!!!!!

I am loving that my boy is the catcher this year.  Last year he wasn't so he has had a year off.  He is doing good!

I seriously love this face!  You can totally tell he is smiling can't you!!

I love that the boys got to ride together this weekend.  Jackson rides all the time, but Bart was able to help Stephen.  He is riding SOOOO good to be only 4!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Busy, but blessed

Monday was a teacher work day.  I like to do fun things with Jackson when he is out of school.  Me and the little boys are always doing something even if its just going to the bank and stopping by the park on the way home.  For some reason I feel bad if blabber mouth Stephen says we did something.  I don't know why, but I do.  Jackson had an awesome baby sitter while I worked and they were always going to the park or McDonalds.  So he got to do the same things Matt and Stephen do.  I don't get to spend as much time with Jackson since we are always at a ball park.  So ANYWAYS back to our Monday.  Jackson, Stephen, Matt and I went to Commerce to see my dad, Jo Anna and my little sister Mary Grace.  Jackson LOVES hitting balls at the driving range.

He likes to play golf, but unfortunately its not his favorite.  He is really good at it if he puts his mind to it and concentrates on what he is doing.  He would rather goof off and act silly, but thats our Jackson!!  and I love it!!

Matt was really getting into it and was doing a great job!!

Stephen on the other hand...............would rather pick the balls up than hit the balls, but that is our little worker right there!!

Jackson has that flat bill hat and dad was being silly with him and tried to flatten out his hat to be like Jackson!!  

Tuesday night is Stephen's soccer night and its always fun watching the little kids!!

Stephen actually did really good tonight!  He touched the ball with his hands some, but he would catch himself and remember not to touch the ball with his hands!!

He likes having his brother there watching him.  Its usually opposite.  We are always watching Jackson so its nice to give Stephen some special attention! 

Stephen loves running!!

They play some neat games and it not only helps them learn how to play soccer, but it gives them instructional time and Stephen needs that since he doesn't go to school yet!

They got to try out the goals tonight!!  

Jackson would push the balls out for the little kids.  It amazed me how much Stephen learned from last week and not even tonight.  He was so careful not to touch the ball at the end of practice.  When the ball went in the goal and Jackson hadn't pushed the ball out for him he would take his foot and push it back out!  It was neat to watch.  He is learning and is so exciting.

After practice Jackson wanted to ride home in the jeep with Papa.  It was such a nice night for it!  Stephen wanted to ride along!  Papa took them by McDonalds and dropped them off with Bart at the Shop.

After practice I went to Ingles to get some of the ingredients to make Holly a Swiss Chocolate cake!  She requested it while in the hospitol after having Grace.  We are going to Blairsville to see the baby and Holly after school Wednesday.  I can't wait to see her!  The boys are excited to, but Jackson is sad we are going to miss church.  I love that kid!  With soccer, baseball, and racing this weekend Wednesday was the only day we could go see them.  I promise to take lots of pictures and share.

Bart is working late in the shop tonight.  He is getting the dragster ready for test and tune Saturday!  Jackson has gotten so much taller from last year and he has to move his pedals back so his knees are so cramped!

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