Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dr. Seuss, Youth Revival and a testimony

This week has been a great week.  We are soooo blessed.  Here are a few things that have been happening around the Skelton house.

Matt stayed with us on Tuesday and we had a picnic outside.  They LOVE eating outside!  The sun was bright and in Matt's eyes!  

Stephen ate his cheese stick and then was done.  

We had youth revival at Church and it was AMAZING!  Jackson got to bring a friend each night and some nights he had 2 friends!  Tuesday was twin day and Jackson and his friend Riley dressed up as twins in honor of Dr. Seuss bday for Thing 1 and Thing 2!  Riley rode the bus home with Jackson Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday!!  He is a sweetie and very well behaved!

Stephen had to get in since he was wearing some kind of jersey!!

They never get tired of a trampoline!!

I am in LOVE with these!!  They are sooo pretty!  I have more blooming .  

Since it is Dr. Seuss week at school they had Wacky Day on Wednesday!  Jackson was dressed wacky for sure!!!!

Half is hair was spiked, the other half flat down.  His John Deere shirt obviously doesn't match his orange sports shorts then top it off with a dress shirt!  Different socks and different shoes!!!

This is his  "mom enough pictures" look!!!

Wednesday he had Riley and Caleb ride the bus home with him!  He thought he was hot stuff!!!  He LOVED having friends over this week.  They are some of the sweetest kids!!

We have had a really good week.  Youth Revival was so good and I received a blessing each night.  Jackson was soooo tired each night as we did not get home till after 9:30 each night and even 10 one night after dropping kids off.  He really wanted to chill out and watch tv before bed, but it was sooooo late.  It was all worth it cause it plants a seed in his heart that will stay there forever and ever and will continue to grow.  Stephen fell asleep 2 nights and maybe even 3 nights.  I can't remember???  I just get so happy when I see my kids at Church.  I want my kids to know about Jesus and what he did for us.  

Tuesday night was probably my favorite night.  After service Mike asked for some to share their testimonies.  I just can't talk in public.  Get me with a few of my girlfriends and I can talk up a storm, but please don't ask me to talk in public.  Its way out of my comfort.  I love to blog, but if I had to talk in a group I would get soooo nervous!  After a few people shared I really wanted to share, but my heart would race and I thought if I opened my mouth I might get sick!  Jackson and his friends sat with us Tuesday night and he kept nudging me share your story mommy!  AWWW :)  He has both heard about when Bart and I got saved, but I was to "shy" to talk in front of the whole church.  It was really important to Jackson and so I shared.  I cried like a baby!!  Jackson said "thank you mommy" right afterwards and when we got in the car Jackson asked why I cried and I told him it was happy tears and I was talking about the good things that God had done for me.  Let me just say that God is good and I am soooo blessed.

Growing up my parents and I went to the Methodist Church in Cleveland.  I have so many fond memories from VBS, Sunday School, Christmas Bazaars and the youth.  After my parents separated we stopped going as much.  It ended up us not going at all.  When my dad got remarried and I went every other weekend we went to a Lutheran Church.  Mom and I and I am pretty sure my sister Pamela visited Free Chapel some.  We did not go like we might should have, but we did go some.  One Wednesday night in April when I was 13 I went to the alter and prayed and got saved.  Over the years I grew out of church and away from God.  I found out February 15, 2002 I was pregnant.   I was scared, but my family stood by me and helped me out.  On October 18, 2002 Jackson was born and I just was amazed!  My dad really wanted him baptized and so I started going back to the Methodist Church in Cleveland.  I got back in Church and he was baptized January 18, 2003.  It was a really hard year.  I worked at Regions Bank and I remember sitting in the drive thru asking God to help me and questioning why I couldn't be loved like I wanted to be loved.  I was by myself and just prayed God would send someone good to me who would love me.  After I was done praying I just had this peace about everything and it was like I knew that GOD loved me and that was enough for me.  I put everything in Gods hands.  The next week Bart's sister Holly came through the drive thru and asked me if I was married.  I said "no why?"  She said "my brother thinks your pretty!"  I kindly just ignored it and just went on about my business.  The very next week she came back by.  It was a Monday and I said "you know I have a baby right?"  I don't remember what she said, but on her receipt I wrote my number down!!  That night Bart called.  It was the sweetest voice ever!  He asked me out for Friday night!  He had the most awesome truck and I was soooo excited to go out on a date!  We had the best time!  The rest is history in the making!!!

My point is God loves you and no one will ever love you like God does.  When you put your worries in God's hand everything will work out and he will take care of you! 

Have you shared your testimony with your child today?  If not, please do it soon!  They find comfort in knowing!  I know my Jackson does!  Feel free to share your testimony in the comments!  I would LOVE to hear it!!

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  1. I have not read your blog in forever. You amaze me:) I am waiting on your baby to wake up so I can feed her then we r both going to bed :) I love you!!! Holly


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