Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Busy, but blessed

Monday was a teacher work day.  I like to do fun things with Jackson when he is out of school.  Me and the little boys are always doing something even if its just going to the bank and stopping by the park on the way home.  For some reason I feel bad if blabber mouth Stephen says we did something.  I don't know why, but I do.  Jackson had an awesome baby sitter while I worked and they were always going to the park or McDonalds.  So he got to do the same things Matt and Stephen do.  I don't get to spend as much time with Jackson since we are always at a ball park.  So ANYWAYS back to our Monday.  Jackson, Stephen, Matt and I went to Commerce to see my dad, Jo Anna and my little sister Mary Grace.  Jackson LOVES hitting balls at the driving range.

He likes to play golf, but unfortunately its not his favorite.  He is really good at it if he puts his mind to it and concentrates on what he is doing.  He would rather goof off and act silly, but thats our Jackson!!  and I love it!!

Matt was really getting into it and was doing a great job!!

Stephen on the other hand...............would rather pick the balls up than hit the balls, but that is our little worker right there!!

Jackson has that flat bill hat and dad was being silly with him and tried to flatten out his hat to be like Jackson!!  

Tuesday night is Stephen's soccer night and its always fun watching the little kids!!

Stephen actually did really good tonight!  He touched the ball with his hands some, but he would catch himself and remember not to touch the ball with his hands!!

He likes having his brother there watching him.  Its usually opposite.  We are always watching Jackson so its nice to give Stephen some special attention! 

Stephen loves running!!

They play some neat games and it not only helps them learn how to play soccer, but it gives them instructional time and Stephen needs that since he doesn't go to school yet!

They got to try out the goals tonight!!  

Jackson would push the balls out for the little kids.  It amazed me how much Stephen learned from last week and not even tonight.  He was so careful not to touch the ball at the end of practice.  When the ball went in the goal and Jackson hadn't pushed the ball out for him he would take his foot and push it back out!  It was neat to watch.  He is learning and is so exciting.

After practice Jackson wanted to ride home in the jeep with Papa.  It was such a nice night for it!  Stephen wanted to ride along!  Papa took them by McDonalds and dropped them off with Bart at the Shop.

After practice I went to Ingles to get some of the ingredients to make Holly a Swiss Chocolate cake!  She requested it while in the hospitol after having Grace.  We are going to Blairsville to see the baby and Holly after school Wednesday.  I can't wait to see her!  The boys are excited to, but Jackson is sad we are going to miss church.  I love that kid!  With soccer, baseball, and racing this weekend Wednesday was the only day we could go see them.  I promise to take lots of pictures and share.

Bart is working late in the shop tonight.  He is getting the dragster ready for test and tune Saturday!  Jackson has gotten so much taller from last year and he has to move his pedals back so his knees are so cramped!

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