Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Stephen's 1st soccer practice!

Stephen started soccer tonight!  He will go Tuesdays from 6:00 - 6:45.

He is so excited.  This was right before we found his coach!  He is sporting his brand new Nike pull over he had to have at Khols today!  He also picked out a new pair of shoes for him in the ladies department cause the box said "nike"  Gosh he knows his labels way to early.  He gets it from his brother!

Standing by the goal!

Big Bro Jack had to get in the picture!!  He was Stephen's helper tonight!!

Stephen was super nervous at first!  This is his I think I am going to be sick cause I am sooooo nervous look!!  I love the little girl raising her hand!!  These kids are soooo cute!

They got soccer jerseys the 1st night!!

I love this little dimple faced fellow!!


I think this was the funniest thing to him.  They had to run backwards!!  He giggled the whole time!!

More running backwards!!

Jumping over the balls!!!

This picture makes me think he is saying in his head "hey kids pay attention" or "I am the boss you listen to me"

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  1. Looks like he really enjoyed the soccer practice. I am not surprised that he liked the backward running. Too funny!! I know he will do good, and I cannot wait to see him play. Love, Mom


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