Friday, April 30, 2010

Show us Your Life: Saving Money

I am a Stay at Home Mom of 2 boys...........well 3 if you count my husband. Two years ago when I had Stephen I really really really wanted to stay at home. After working for Regions Bank for 8 years I quit. I knew it would be AWESOME staying at home, but with that being said I knew it would also be a financial struggle. We would really have to watch the money. So here are a few tips I use to help me stay at home!!!

1. Coupons - I use sites like Southern Savers. Since using her site I have saved SO much money! I have cut my bill more than in half. I usually save about 60-70% on average a week. I ONLY buy what we use. I love getting FREE toothpaste, toothbrushes, girlie stuff, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, bars of soap, toilet paper, paper towels. I also got 2 bottles of sunscreen for free this week.

2. Consignment sale and stores - I love consignment shopping. Its a nice way to buy good clothes. My kids are always dressed really well(if I pick their clothes out). I LOVE when I can buy Ralph Lauren, Old Navy, Gap, The Childrens Place all for really cheap. I usually look in their closets and drawers and see what they need. For the summer I usually remember swim lessons, bible school and vacations. Those weeks are super busy for us and its hard for me to do laundry every day when we aren't home except to sleep. I can buy several nice shirts and not have to worry about it getting ruined or having to wear something dirty or even have to wear the same shirt to bible school or swim trunks in the same week. I also like to see what size of shoes they are wearing and have a back up pair. My boys LOVE to play in the mud and go to the creek. I can buy a good pair of shoes for less than 5 bucks and not have a fit when they get muddy.

3. I wash all of our regular clothes on cold. Barts work clothes and any clothes or shoes that get muddy are washed with Barts work clothes on hot. Also I try to do back to back drying. It saves money not having to warm the dryer up. I have a basket in our bathroom for mine and Barts clothes and a basket in Stephens room for Jackson and Stephens clothes. I was our laundry then dry and while its drying I wash the boys clothes. Then immediately dry them.

4. Surveys - I do a few a week and buy the end of the month I usually have enough to get a $20 check. This helps when we go out to eat.

5. Discount card - Jackson's school did a fundraiser and sold discount cards for $10. We save on just about everything in Cleveland. 10% off here, 15% there all helps when the card is good for 1 year.

6. Bart uses his credit card for EVERYTHING. When we get enough points we cash them in and get a check. Summer of 09 we cashed in and got a $500 check. That paid for our hotel room for our summer vacation!

7. Craigslist - Bart LOVES wheelin and dealin!!! He checks every night for a good deal. He buys and then sales for a profit!! We have also found big ticket items like Jackson's 4wheeler.

That's all I can think of right now. If you are new to my blog and coming from Kelly's Korner please check my right side bar for sales. There you will find most of my CVS and Walgreens sale as well as my consignment sales.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

$$$$$$$ Maker @ CVS

I did really well at CVS today.

Here is what I got:

1 pack of Pampers diapers ($1.50 Manufacturers Coupon & 3off CVS store coupon)

3 Reese They were Buy 2 Get 1 Free( I used 2 $0.55off coupons.)
Tresemme Shampoo (B1G1 Free)
Tresemme Conditioner

1 Softsoap body wash(.75 manufacturer coupon)
1Thermacare Heat wrap ($1.00 manufacturer coupon)
2 bottles of CVS sunscreen 2.2oz (I used 2 $1.00 CVS skin care store coupon)

I used:
$4.49 in ECB's
$2.62 in cash
PLUS I received $4.00 in ECB for my next purchases

I saved $35.18

Well,.........technically with the $4 ECB's it was a money maker of 1.38. I was a little disappointed because the cashier would not let me use one of my coupons for $2off, but I still did really well. Stephen needed diapers and the sunscreen is a small bottle so it will fit perfectly in my purse for this summer! We don't need anymore Shampoo, conditioner or body wash for a LONG time. BUT Mothers day is coming up and I think it will make for a nice goody basket or a great graduation basket. I think we have 3 girls graduating this May. I am sure those 3 girls would enjoy a big basket full of bathroom surprises with a gift card! Tomorrow I hope to get some good deals @ Walgreens and Publix. I won't bore you with those!!!!!

Please check Southern Savers and

Bible Study and Women of Faith

Today was the last day of our bible study. It was bitter sweet. It seems like yesterday I started the journey............a journey that changed my life. A change for the good. I always thought I am a pretty decent person, I am not that bad of a sinner! HA!! I learned about the bible study through Barts cousin Staci. It has been such a blessing to me!! I am going to miss it something terrible.

Someone today mentioned Women of Faith. There will be a conference September 24-25 in Atlanta! I wanted more information, but had to leave right after bible Study so I did not get to talk to anyone about it. After I got home I went to yahoo and all I could remember was women something???? So I typed in women and the very 1st thing to pop up was Women of Faith. Its like a sign that I need to go to it. You can view the info here. I think it is going to be pretty AWESOME!!! I want to go so badly and I pray I will get to go.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Our Garden!!!

This picture was taken about 2 weeks ago. The whole family helped with planting the potatoes and Bart, Jackson, and Stephen did the onions. I can wait to plant my cucumbers and squash. I know we will do tomatoes, watermelon and I would love some corn. Its also nice working together as a family. Its very much out of my comfort zone. I do not like getting dirty. We are going to check the garden today after Jackson gets off the bus. Hopefully we have some plants coming up!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Daddy!!!

Love him to pieces!!!!

I think he had fun riding Jackson's 4wheeler!!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Opening Ceramony for White County Parks YMCA

Jackson was super excited about being in a "PARADE"??? Don't know why everyone was calling it a parade. Seriously still trying to figure that one out. We had to be there @9am and it was going to start at 10. Well it started finally at 10:30. Stephen was getting a little restless and thank God the Blockers were there! He was not to sure of Chris with his glasses or hat on. You can find Jackson in the middle, the only kid without a hat. We could not find it anywhere. I have been "trying" to teach him about responsibility and I think it goes in one ear and out the other. (I think I hear my mom in me sometimes!!!) Anywho! He begged and begged me to go buy him another one. I politely told him NO. Okay okay it might not have been polite, but come on the kid looses EVERYTHING. I did keep my cool though!!! He said "if you buy me another one I will take care of it and not loose it" I so badly wanted to say "yeah right" well i might have said that too!!! So I told him if he could not find it he could take his money and buy him another one. You would have thought the world ended, but I explained that if I don't teach him a lesson he wont ever learn and I don't want him growing up thinking money grows on tress and that he can just get what ever he wants and I don't want him growing up without knowing the value of money.

Well then his coach asked me if he lost his hat. Jackson and I both said yes. Then the coach asked if he wanted us to get Jackson another one. Jackson said yes, I said no. Jackson had puppy eyes and then I told him he lost it and I was trying to get him to be more responsible! Then the coach was like well I might see if I can get him another one. UGH!!!!!! This parenting thing is way to hard!!!

We found the hat a few days later. Jackson left it at the hair salon while getting his hair cut and Shelia brought it when she dropped Matt off!!!!!!

The 4 sweet boys!!!!
Stephen, Caleb, Jackson, and Ethan!!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Savings 04/17, 2010

I made it to Publix this week and saved almost 60%. I can not find my receipt because Stephen used it to color one at another store!!

I am really loving CVS and Walgreens is growing on me too!! I have to do small baby steps with Walgreens and that way I don't get confused and mess up!!

1 Dove Conditioner
1 Dial body was
2 Nivea Lotions
2 CVS rolls of toilet paper
1 Schick Razor
1 Pack of Orbit Gum
2 Neutrogena Sunscreen bottles

Spent $ 17.44
Saved $ 38.77
Total Savings of 60%
I also left with a $5.00 ECB that I get to use next time!!!
I would have LOVED more than 60%, BUT I did get stuff we needed. My kiddos NEED sunscreen as pale as Stephen is and the WHOLE family needed lotion. and.............Stephen WANTED gum. He kept pointing and saying "awnt dis pease" (want this please) So I gave in, but he was being a good boy!!!


Schick shave gel
spray bottle (cause Jackson thinks he needs to fix his hair with it)

Spent $1.97
Saved $9.10
Total savings 82.20%

I also left with Register Rewards $3, and $2.50 that I get to use next time!!

no wonder.....................

Stephen has been waking in the middle of the night to come get in our bed. I have found him like this several several times, bless his heart. He is a cuddler and I guess he just rolls over till he can next to something!!!

Friday, April 16, 2010


Like Father like son!!! Picture taken from Barts camera phone so its not that great of quality!!!!!

Spring Break day 2!!!

Tuesday was a day out with Jo Anna and Mary Grace!!! The kids had fun at the driving range!!! Daddy came with us and we all hit some balls. Daddy and Mary Grace were kicking our butts. I guess she got the golf talent cause I sure didn't!!! Look at her swing!!! Its beautiful!!! anywho!! Jackson had fun hitting and Stephen had fun getting in every ones way, picking up tees and trying to hit the balls. After the driving range we left the golf course and went to the water park in Buford. It was alot of fun and Jackson had a blast!!! "Here mom, I found another broken tee!!!"

Looking for tees!!!

BTW, if you are a golf fan please check out Double Oaks in Commerce, GA!!!
Those are the last of the Spring Break pictures! I forgot to charge my camera. such a bad mom :(

Take a moment to visit...............

my sweet Cousin's blog. She is doing a give away, but hurry it ends soon (Friday @6)

She is giving away a really cute frame. If you link it up to your blog you have a chance in winning. I thought I would do that since it would be great to win. It would look super cute in my sisters room!!!

Check her out

Spring Break!!!!!!!

Okay so I realize spring break was like almost 2 weeks ago, but I am trying to get this life of mine back on track!!!

Shelia brought this little pool for the 2 little ones, but Jackson HAD to get in and get his feet wet. It was super hot that Monday and so I let him. After about 2 minutes he was ready to go ride his 4wheeler!! The 3 amigos!!!!

He had to take a break and act like Jackson!!!

Okay so this is what spring break should be all about. FUN FUN and more fun!!!! The brothers had a ball!!!

They were worn SLAP out!!! I think we walked to the creek like 3 times and forgot my camera every time!! We ate lunch and not one of them fussed about laying down. I put them in my bed so that me and Jackson could play the Wii!!! It was really nice having 1 on 1 time with my lil man!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Easter @ Nana and Papas!!1

Sunday evening we went over to Pam and Farrell's for a small egg hunt!! The kids had a blast and Bart, Pam and Farrell got to see that the kids were pros at hunting eggs!! Stephen would scream like a little girl if Jackson even got close to his hidden candy. This sibling rivalry is going to kill me. UGH and I thought they would not fight!!!! I think the grandparents had more fun!!!

Here is Jackson aggravating Stephen in the act!!

Counting his loot!!

Posing with Nana!!

After hunting eggs the kids rode 4wheelers!!! We also made homemade pizzas!! It was a great Easter!!!!!!

Easter bunny surprises!!

Jackson was excited to get a Bakugan mat and candy!! OH and a self inflatable whoopee cushion!!! Stephen loved his Mickey Mouse ball and steering wheel toy!!


This little guy has been sick since early Tuesday morning. He wanted to go to school so I went ahead and sent him. I got a call at 8:07 Tuesday morning to come get him. All day Tuesday he ran a fever up to 103.3 I put him in the tub, gave Tylenol and Motrin. The whole time I was praying he would get better so he did not have to miss his CRCT test. FINALLY sometime after his last dose of Motrin at 11pm his fever broke. I took it around 6:30 am and it was 98.1. I woke him up to get him ready and he wanted to know what he temp was. I let him know I prayed and prayed for him all through the night and morning for GOD to heal him and also for GOD to help him on his CRCT test. I told him that I knew that he would do GREAT on his test and then he said "I know, GOD will take care of it" BLESS his sweet little heart!! Oh he is just to precious!!! Please pray for all the students taking the CRCT test.

Monday, April 12, 2010

The cutest Baseball catcher EVER!!!!!!!!!!

Okay serious people. I know I am a little biased, but OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!! Isn't he a DOLL?????????? make my heart melt :)

Easter egg hunt at Church

Jackson being super silly and Eric!!! Trying to get a "GOOD" picture!! They can't both smile and be happy at the same moment can they???

Getting ready!!!

Kind of scared at first with all the kids around.

He is a pro now!!!

He is definitely a pro by now!!!

He has his loot and is ready to eat the candy!!!

All of the kids!!!!

Jackson and Stephen dying Easter eggs

We did this the Friday before Easter. Jackson LOVES to do this and this was the 1st year I just let GO and let him do it on his own. He did a great job!!!

I think this was all of our favorite colors!!!

Stephen wanted to help so badly, but when he saw our hands turned a different color he opted out!

He waited till they dried and finally held one!!

I saved them for Jackson all weekend, but decided he did not want to hunt them on Sunday. Instead he choose to use them in his sling shot!!!! All boy what can I say???

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Savings for this week

Walgreens was a small trip. Not much on sale I wanted or needed. I still did very good.

1 box of Kotex

3 Oral B Toothbrushes

2 packs of Pilot Pens

1 pair of swim goggles (last minute purchase for water park)

Subtotal = 3.86

Saved = 31.37

Saved 89.04%

KMART (double coupons up to $2.00)

2 Right Guard Deos

1 Twin Pack of Bic Razors

2 bottles of Visine Eye Drops

1 20 oz of Coke

Total = 1.29

Saved =10.45

Saved 89.01%

CVS - Now this is where my really good deals came from!!!

2 bottles of Head and Shoulders

4 bottles of Pedialyte

3 bottles of Pantene Shampoo

2 Johnson&Johnson Baby Shampoo

1 bottle of Colgate Toothpaste

1 12 pack of Charmin

1 bottle of Downy

1 pack of Duracell 4AAA

2 bottles of Cascade

2 bottles of Dawn

1 Alvin and the Chipmunks Squeakwell

Total = 19.02

Saved = 95.68

Saved = 83.42%

Bart and I were talking last night about the Chipmunk movie. It is regular priced $24.99 and you can find it on sale in some stores for $19.99. My whole trip to CVS was just a few cents less than that plus look at all I got. My trip to Kmart was AWESOME, but I could only use a limit of 5 coupons. It was still worth going in. It I would not have bought the coke it would have been a 100% savings.

If it was not for and I would not be able to save this much. They have really helped me find the best deals, awesome coupons and some really really good tips!!!

This post is linked to the above websites.

Thanks for looking!!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Jackson's Easter Party @ school

Friday was an absolute BEAUTIFUL day!!!! Mom and Tif came over to watch the 2 little ones while I helped at Jackson's party. Instead of hunting eggs they made it a race. Red team and a Blue team. They ran to get 1 egg and drop it in the basket. The team with the most eggs won. It was the Red team and Jackson was on the blue team. They had alot of fun regardless if they did not win!!!

Jackson and his friend Caleb!

Jackson and his friend Logan or maybe this was Clayton. He has a set of twins and I can not for the life of me tell them apart!!!

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