Sunday, April 18, 2010

Opening Ceramony for White County Parks YMCA

Jackson was super excited about being in a "PARADE"??? Don't know why everyone was calling it a parade. Seriously still trying to figure that one out. We had to be there @9am and it was going to start at 10. Well it started finally at 10:30. Stephen was getting a little restless and thank God the Blockers were there! He was not to sure of Chris with his glasses or hat on. You can find Jackson in the middle, the only kid without a hat. We could not find it anywhere. I have been "trying" to teach him about responsibility and I think it goes in one ear and out the other. (I think I hear my mom in me sometimes!!!) Anywho! He begged and begged me to go buy him another one. I politely told him NO. Okay okay it might not have been polite, but come on the kid looses EVERYTHING. I did keep my cool though!!! He said "if you buy me another one I will take care of it and not loose it" I so badly wanted to say "yeah right" well i might have said that too!!! So I told him if he could not find it he could take his money and buy him another one. You would have thought the world ended, but I explained that if I don't teach him a lesson he wont ever learn and I don't want him growing up thinking money grows on tress and that he can just get what ever he wants and I don't want him growing up without knowing the value of money.

Well then his coach asked me if he lost his hat. Jackson and I both said yes. Then the coach asked if he wanted us to get Jackson another one. Jackson said yes, I said no. Jackson had puppy eyes and then I told him he lost it and I was trying to get him to be more responsible! Then the coach was like well I might see if I can get him another one. UGH!!!!!! This parenting thing is way to hard!!!

We found the hat a few days later. Jackson left it at the hair salon while getting his hair cut and Shelia brought it when she dropped Matt off!!!!!!

The 4 sweet boys!!!!
Stephen, Caleb, Jackson, and Ethan!!!

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