Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bible Study and Women of Faith

Today was the last day of our bible study. It was bitter sweet. It seems like yesterday I started the journey............a journey that changed my life. A change for the good. I always thought I am a pretty decent person, I am not that bad of a sinner! HA!! I learned about the bible study through Barts cousin Staci. It has been such a blessing to me!! I am going to miss it something terrible.

Someone today mentioned Women of Faith. There will be a conference September 24-25 in Atlanta! I wanted more information, but had to leave right after bible Study so I did not get to talk to anyone about it. After I got home I went to yahoo and all I could remember was women something???? So I typed in women and the very 1st thing to pop up was Women of Faith. Its like a sign that I need to go to it. You can view the info here. I think it is going to be pretty AWESOME!!! I want to go so badly and I pray I will get to go.

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