Monday, June 28, 2010

VBS 2010!!!!!!!!

Okay so these pictures are way late. We had VBS the 6th -11th. I have TONS of pictures of Stephen and hardly any of Jackson. I guess that's how it goes when you are the mom of a 2 yr old and have to stay with them. When Jackson was in the nursery class I took TONS of pictures of him. It seems like every picture I took of him he looks really mad or really silly. He HATES having his picture taken and so he usually makes a silly face just to get under my skin!! Gotta love 7 yr olds!!!

This is the nursery class. There were SO many little ones!!! What a blessing!!!

Matt was able to go with me 1 night!! He loved it!!

Music class was a favorite!!!


Again another mad looking Jackson. Was it the shirt??? Was it cause he wanted to sit beside someone else?? No it was cause he did not want me to take his picture. Man I must really embarrass the heck outta that kid!!

Jacksons friend Caleb Reddy came one night.

Super Terry and Super Cooper!! Stephen was scared of the doggy and Jackson said they were boring. Typical 7 yr old again!!

Oh wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What is that??? Is that my sweet little precious Jackson smiling???????? It took 3 pictures to get this one good one!! Here Jackson is with his BFF Caleb Blocker!!

The 1st night the kids had alot of fun playing ball. I seriously think my 2 boys could just live the rest of their lives with just a ball. I think it is a favorite toy of all!!
Stephen was trying really hard to keep up with the big boys!!

Michaela went with us all week and she is just a joy to have. Such a precious little girl who loves to learn about the Lord!!

An action shot of Jackson!! This boy is always on the move!!

Caleb and Stephen trying to beat Jackson!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fathers Day................a little late :(

Fathers day we spent the day with Nonnie and afterwards Bart wanted to go to Sams and we also visited Barts daddy's grave.

Before we went to Sams we rode by and saw Bart's Aunt Carolyn. She is such a precious lady!! It has been FOREVER since we saw her and we had a very nice visit! She of course was in love with Stephen and they enjoyed looking at pictures!
When Jackson got home we went to play some good ole putt putt at the Pirates Cove in Helen! It was nice. All Bart wanted to do was have fun with the boys. He leaves early in the morning before they are up and then its late when he gets in. So since it was his day he wanted to have some father/son fun!! I tagged along!! Saturday we went bowling and ate BBQ!! Jackson choose putt putt!!
Stephen had fun throwing his ball down through the water!!

Jackson just had fun playing. He actually got a hole in 1!!! Grandpa would be so proud!!

He thinks he is king of the world!!

They enjoyed their free ice cream!!

Can't you tell it was good!!

Throwing food to the fish!!

Stephen had to have daddy's help!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Our Visit with Nonnie

Last Wednesday Jackson, Stephen and I stayed with Barts grandmother. She is such a precious lady and I wish we could stay more.
Jackson enjoyed watching TV and making this awesome puzzle!!

Stephen had a ball playing and of course singing a few songs!!!

He was SOOOO tired and he cuddled up with Nonnie. I think her heart melted just a tad rocking that sweet little baby of hers!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Fun!!!!!!!!!!

Look at that sweet face!!! He is packed down in floating devices!!! He does good with just the red thing on, but if the pool gets wavy (and you know it does with boys jumping in) the yellow thing helps to get his head up better! He is a jumping champ and loves to play with the balls in the pool!!! He also loves to be thrown in the pool and does not mind going under water. He LOVES putting his face down in the water to make bubbles or to put water in his mouth(Yuck!!) He will put his face down and kick his little legs as fast as he can! This little guy LOVES LOVES LOVES the water!!!! He wants to go swimming every single day! He could live in the water and not ever get out. He loves jumping and trying to catch the ball, playing basketball or volleyball in the water. Loves to be thrown way high in the air by Bart. He loves picking on people in the pool(really where ever!!) but does not like being picked on. Go figure. He loves trying to dunk his daddy, but then its pay back and does not like that so much. He also loves picking on Holly!! The water guns were a BIG mistake. I don't know what I was thinking when I got them!!!! He loves to shoot them at people!

My sweet little fishes!!

My little HAM!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Tuesday fun with the boys!!

Tuesday me and the boys spent the day in Gainesville. I am glad we did that the earlier part of the week. By Wednesday night Jackson was fussing with a hurt ear. Thursday mom kept the little ones while me and Jackson had a mother-son date to the doctor, rite aid and KFC. Thursday night was horrible and he was up crying at some point. Back to Tuesday.............We went to run errands, eat at CiCis and go to Monkey joes. The boys were super well behaved and had a blast!!!
Stephen is probably laughed and thinking, Ha ha you can't get me!!!
Jackson had a great time climbing through all the fun stuff!!

Stephen coming down the big slide!!

WOW!! That was fun!!!

Jackson had a ball!!

Jackson helped Stephen the first few times, but then Stephen was an old pro!

Jackson having to help Stephen again. This was right before Jackson dropped him and Stephen slipped right down all the red bumpy things. Poor baby, that can't feel good!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Just a picture......................

to keep some friends and family happy!! Tammy this one is for you.

I never knew that this parent thing would be so busy. I thought when I became a stay at home mom, we would stay at home. Now I know I am the one who drives the car and I could easily just stay home, but when you have a 7 yr old who wants to go do this, this or this it easier to say OK! Jackson has been in basketball camp this week. We went swimming every day, but Thursday and bible school has been every night. The house is a mess. Well its decently clean, but try walking through at midnight with the lights off and I guarantee a ER visit! Stephens napping has been totally off, but surprisingly he has been on his best behavior. I do like tiring out my boys though. Jackson tried to take a nap Thursday before bible school. He is exhausted. Next week is football camp and after that we should have a small break in June. Almost 2 weeks without anything. July is jammed packed though. I hope everyone has a very blessed weekend.

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