Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Fun!!!!!!!!!!

Look at that sweet face!!! He is packed down in floating devices!!! He does good with just the red thing on, but if the pool gets wavy (and you know it does with boys jumping in) the yellow thing helps to get his head up better! He is a jumping champ and loves to play with the balls in the pool!!! He also loves to be thrown in the pool and does not mind going under water. He LOVES putting his face down in the water to make bubbles or to put water in his mouth(Yuck!!) He will put his face down and kick his little legs as fast as he can! This little guy LOVES LOVES LOVES the water!!!! He wants to go swimming every single day! He could live in the water and not ever get out. He loves jumping and trying to catch the ball, playing basketball or volleyball in the water. Loves to be thrown way high in the air by Bart. He loves picking on people in the pool(really where ever!!) but does not like being picked on. Go figure. He loves trying to dunk his daddy, but then its pay back and does not like that so much. He also loves picking on Holly!! The water guns were a BIG mistake. I don't know what I was thinking when I got them!!!! He loves to shoot them at people!

My sweet little fishes!!

My little HAM!!!

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