Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Jackson 2010-2011 school year!

The school year started off late for us. I think it was August 24th 2010. You started the 2nd grade. :( You picked out your own out fit and papa drove you to school. As soon as you got off the bus we went swimming!!

Here is a look into your 2nd grade year:

August 2010:

1st day of 2nd grade Very 1st football game

Getting glasses for the 1st time.

September 2010:

1st time getting a number shaved in your head!! 1st time playing at the WC High School!

October 2011 you turned 8!!!!!!! November 2010 brought you lots of 1st:

1st time down a real roller coaster!!

1st time as a movie star ;)

1st time on a big family vacation

and all of those 1st happened on your very 1st trip to Disney!!

December 2010:

school Christmas Party Church Christmas Play

New Puppy

Christmas parades

Jan 2011:

brought us ringing in New Years with the Blockers! Snow!!

4wheeler jumps

and a new horse

Feb 2011:

Valentines Parties Monster Jam

The very 1st time down the track for test and tune!

New friends!

March 2011

brought us our very 1st points race!

April 2011:

brought us lots of baseball games! Easter egg hunts

and school plays

May 2011 :

Brought us the close out of baseball.

Field day at MCES

Jackson, Jack Jack, Jack attack, quarter mile Jackson!

You have changed so much!! Look forward to 3rd grade, but watch out Summer of 2011 here we come!!!

More pics from race 5-28-11

My sister posted some pictures from the race Saturday and they were so good I thought I would share here since I have some non face book readers!

Jackson and Stephen snacking in between qualifying and 1st run! Kahlab and Stephen chillin in the golf cart while Jackson is in the staging lanes.

Picking the car up and putting it on the golf cart dolly. Heading to the staging lanes.

Not sure what they are doing here. I know Jackson is snacking!!

Jackson staging his car at the tree. You can't see it really good, but underneath his name it says deep. Jackson started staging his car a little different and they have to have that word on his car or he would automatically red light and go out. (I think that is what it means!!)

Getting ready! It was so hot and I hate Jackson has to wear that stuff, but its for protection. He gets so hot so easy. We bought him a battery operated fan to put in his car.

In the staging lanes waiting for our turn.

Jackson being silly!!! Gotta luv him!! :)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Racing 5-28-2011

Pamela, Carlos and Kahlab drove down from Greenville to watch Jackson race. Jackson did okay. His lights were off really bad, but its going to be a learning experience. He actually had his best light during the test run which was a .046, but he also had some of his worst lights like a -.220. I am so glad my sister and her family came down to support him!

Kahlab got in the car. I think he is super cute!! Stephen taking a nap!! We parked the golf cart under the tent in the shade and he slept so good!!

Stephen feel asleep on the golf cart while we were watching.

I had to move him around while we were packing up!! He had 2 fans on him at this time!!

After we got out of the race, Bart took his body off and we got the car inspected for Bristol. We are taking our family vacation there. Its a HUGE race for Jrs. The man who inspected the car said their would be over 700! Thats alot compared to the 30 (give or take some) from Commerce! Its like a 5 day race. You have to have the car inspected at your local track so that when you actually get to Bristol they just go over the paper and it does not take as long!

Getting it inspected!!

Jackson picking out the rocks that fly in there!!

Trying to clean it up!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Easter 2011 @ School

Good Friday we spent the afternoon at Jackson's school. They had an egg hunt and a little party afterward. They made the cutest bunny cupcakes! His teacher is so creative!! Jackson and his friends making their bunny!!!

Jackson and his baseball buddy Coby. They were in 1st grade together as well!

Getting ready to hunt!!

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