Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday eating out with mom!!

Last Friday and also today we ate out lunch with Mom and Tif. It was nice getting out of the house and eating with them. Stephen enjoyed hot tea, onions and mushrooms!!! He was grabbing onions off of my moms plate like they were going out of style. He would suck them up like they were spaghetti noodles. It was so gross. He normally has great table manners for being 2, but he was loving him some onions. We had another great lunch today and ate a few mushrooms. He did not act so well today. He rarely sits in a high chair any more and we rarely eat out. So he was back and forth between me and Matt and mom and Tif.

More fun!!

Talking to the kitty underneath the trampoline!!

Wild hair!!

trying to do a flip like bubba!!

He is about to jump on Jackson!!

Jackson was trying to


The three sweet boys!!!

Walking to the creek!!

My boys absolutely LOVE walking to the creek. They love being outside and exploring. Its just a tiny creek, but Bart was able to put some kind of concrete in between so that we can walk from either side of the creek. We love to ride 4wheelers back and forth, but its also nice for a little nature walk.

This is my new fave picture!! Stephen is actually smiling!!!!!!

Okay so he is done here. Ready to walk back.

Oh so sweet big brother!!! Helping Stephen to the other side!!! Those 2 melt my heart!!!

We are leaving you Stephen. You better hurry up if you want to walk with us!!!!!!

Tongue out and all!!

Jackson making a line trail with a stick. Just in case we get lost we can follow the line back!!

Playing outside

We are missing the warm sunny days and cannot wait for spring. Last week was warm enough to get the little ones out and about. We had so much fun.

Stephen is trying to ride the little scooter his Aunt Holly got him for his bday.

Jackson driving like a wild man. He says when he gets older he wants to race 4wheelers. I have no doubt he will!!! Look at all that mud on the back. YUCK!!!

Matt enjoyed riding a little car!!!

The 2 little ones!!! They are only 3 months apart and they really enjoy playing with each other!!

He is such a doll!!

Theres a new cat in town!!!

Stephen just adores our black kitty and will try his hardest to hold the kitty. When he does run fast enough to catch the kitty or sneak up on it he will definitely take a turn in holding it. Sometimes the kitty gets held upside down while other times he holds it by its neck. He really does love the kitty. Well there is a new cat visiting our house occasionally and he is rather scared of this fat grey cat. The other day before nap he looked out for our kitty named Nemo and instead of waving or saying hi to Nemo he promptly laid down like this and would not get up. He would not even budge when I would try to turn him around. Stephen is terrified of Grandma and Grandpas cats. He runs and screams crying when he sees either of their cats. He can call our kitty by name and says it like Myno.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Valentines Day 2010

I LOVE valentines day!! We had an AMAZING church service!!! I know there are lots of people out there that love me, but my GOD loves me more than anyone could ever love me!! Isn't it amazing!! I love my kids and my husband more than ever, but GOD loves them more. I think that is just the most amazing thing ever!! I am so thankful for GODs amazing love!!!

Anyways I hope that everyone had a great VDay!! We enjoyed a nice Chinese lunch after church and then we came home for a small VDay treat.
He is not liking me taking his picture much these days!! This was like the 5th attempt to get a decent picture.

Its even harder for this one to look at me much less smile!! Trust me people he does smile and he is happy, just not in front of camera!!!

AWE!!! How sweet!! He is showing some signs of love towards me!!!

This one loves me alot!!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Snow day 2!

Saturday morning was much fun!! Nana and Papa came over to play with the boys!!! This is the snow ball fight!!!
Lovey picture of the trash can!! Stephen was having fun eating the snow!!

Nana and Jackson having alot of fun together!!!

Stephen had alot of fun sliding!! I think that is his favorite thing to do!!

Of course Stephen had to go up the big boy playground. So Jackson was a good big brother and went up to help him!!

Stephen and Jackson going down the slide!!!

They had lots of fun "trying" to sled. Eventually Jackson and papa just rode four wheelers and Nana and Stephen rode behind the 4wheeler in the sled. I don't think that was much fun either!!!

They do look ever so cute!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Friday.....Snow Day 1

The pictures got a little backwards. So this is around 5 pm. The big boy named Jackson had been begging to go outside. Matt followed and kept saying Matt go outside please??? So sweet!!! It was difficult getting these 3 little ones looking at me. I settled on posting this one. I actually got some good ones of all 3, but the snow was smack dab in the middle of either Jackson's face or Stephens. This is the best!!! Even if big bubba Jackson had to hold Stephen's face in the right direction!!!

Sweet Stephen!!!

Isn't he a precious doll!!

Jackson thought it would be a great idea to go down the hill pulling Stephen. Stephen is fearless and I was at the bottom so I thought okay why not!!!

They had so much fun sledding!!!


Whats for lunch??????

Homemade pizza!!!!!!! My boys love when I make homemade pizza. It had been a little while since I had done it so I thought it would be fun to do on a snow day. Jackson had school till noon and I new they were doing sack lunches. He's not crazy about the sack lunch at the school. Just a plain peanut butter sandwich. No Jelly. So the little boys helped me make it and eat it while doing so!! I think they had fun!!

Stephen trying to be cute!!! (Okay I know its not hard for that!!)

This is Matt. Matt is my 2 yr old cousin that stays with us Wed, Thursday and Friday! Isn't he a doll!!!!

And this is my Jackson!! After the bus he enjoyed eating his pizza(that I snuck in cut up tomatoes and he said he LOVED it!!), playing on the webkinzs while the 2 little boys napped and going through all this valentines from school. We looked at them together and discussed his favorites and he enjoyed a sucker!!

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