Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Today I am thankful for


I started a new bible study at the Torch in Cornelia!! Today was my second time and let me just tell you..........it is AWESOME!!!!! Just in 2 sessions I have already learned alot. I wanted to list a few reasons why I am thankful for the Bible Study. Me sharing might get some others interested in signing up for one.

I am thankful because:

I get to learn about GOD's precious word
I get to have some girl/me time
Stephen stays in the nursery so he gets to be around kids
I get to be around Bart's precious cousin Staci
I am meeting new ladies
I saw a girl I graduated with and hope to keep in touch
People are praying for me
I get to pray for others
the study will help me be a better person
I am growing with GOD
I am constantly reminded of GODs love and the gift of salvation.

The bible study is by Beth Moore. I had never heard of Beth Moore till last Tuesday. God is so good to me and I know it is his will for me to be there. I am enjoying learning about the bible. May GOD bless you!!

Love to all!!!


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