Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentines party @ Church!!!

Valentines 2010
Stephen 2 years and Jackson 7 years 4 months

Wednesday night we had our annual Valentines party. I love going each year and it was more fun this year than ever. We had 43 kids. Yes you read that right 43 kids. That is soooo awesome!!!!!

I don't know why Jackson is making a frowny face, but he is so darn cute that I have to take his picture whether he wants me to or not. And the little boy in the red shirt well his name is Caleb. He is Jackson's best friend of all time. Every picture I have of that Caleb at Church he has a piece of pizza in his mouth. TO funny!!! BTW Jackson was not in a bad mood I think he was just tired of me taking his picture!!!

We gave Misti, our Youth Director pictures of the kiddos and this is what she made!!! Isn't it AWESOME!!!!

She also made this one Wednesday night!!

And here are my 2 sweet boys!!!!! Stephen had some trouble. I helped him, but still turned out kinda bad!!

Jackson was a great helper and passed out all of our bags and helps several other moms passing out their kids valentines!!!

All of the boys had a great time. Jackson, Holden, and Caleb enjoyed acting like horses for the smaller boys!! It was just an amazing night.

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