Friday, February 26, 2010

More fun!!

Talking to the kitty underneath the trampoline!!

Wild hair!!

trying to do a flip like bubba!!

He is about to jump on Jackson!!

Jackson was trying to


The three sweet boys!!!

Walking to the creek!!

My boys absolutely LOVE walking to the creek. They love being outside and exploring. Its just a tiny creek, but Bart was able to put some kind of concrete in between so that we can walk from either side of the creek. We love to ride 4wheelers back and forth, but its also nice for a little nature walk.

This is my new fave picture!! Stephen is actually smiling!!!!!!

Okay so he is done here. Ready to walk back.

Oh so sweet big brother!!! Helping Stephen to the other side!!! Those 2 melt my heart!!!

We are leaving you Stephen. You better hurry up if you want to walk with us!!!!!!

Tongue out and all!!

Jackson making a line trail with a stick. Just in case we get lost we can follow the line back!!

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