Monday, August 13, 2012

4th grade and Pre K

Jackson started 4th grade Wednesday August 8th.  He has 3 teachers.  Mrs Sosebee for homeroom and Reading and Language Arts, Mrs. Swing for Math and Mrs. Crumley for Science and Social Studies!  So far he is LOVING school!

He picked out his own clothes and I really love this color on him!!  We went shopping in Commerce for back to school clothes!

4 fingers for 4th grade!  Bart was teasing him about something and he got tickled!

Me and my 1st born!  Bart took this picture.

Stephen started PreK on Friday August 10th.  

They had matching shirts!  Stephen was excited to go!  I think Jackson was very nervous for him.  Those 2 LOVE each other so much!  I can't get over it!  They fight and argue, but they really do have a special bond!

Stephen picked out the shirts for them both and he picked out his own shoes!

We dropped Jackson off at Pam and Farrell's.  Farrell took Jackson and Pam stayed with Grace till Bart and I got back from taking Stephen!

Walking in all by himself!

Stephen was nervous when we got there, but thankfully he didn't cry.  I would have been a mess if he did.  I would have just let him go home with me!  He held his hands together the whole time......till he found the kitchen set!!

Still nervous.  Hadn't found the kitchen set yet!   This is where he sits!  He found his name on the back of the chair!  Loved it!!

I picked Matt and Stephen up and they both had a great day.  Stephen brought home a note!!  When they got buckled up Matt and Stephen kept comparing things they did all day.  What they ate for breakfast and lunch, if they had a radio, if they did criss cross apple sauce, if they went on the play ground, etc!!  I loved it! It made it a lot easier knowing they had a great day and had fun and NO TEARS!!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Bristol Day 5

Saturday was for the kids that won 1st round Friday.  Sadly we had to put our car on the trailer.  bummer :( Even though we lost we still stayed for the finishing of the Eastern Conference Finals.  We were part of Team Atlanta and we wanted to cheer on our fellow team mates!

Our theme this year was "We are going to take the track by storm."  You know cause we were at THUNDER Valley!  Awesome theme BTW!  Don't know who thought of it, but who ever it was is a total genius!!  Last year it was a "We Bring It.  A Perfect Package"  You know our dial in time, and our reaction time.  You want to have a PERFECT light and a PERFECT dial in time!  It was awesome last year!

Anyways Team ATLANTA won the spirit award for the second year in a row.  Next year we are totally going to go for 3!!  Here are some of the people in our stands cheering for one of our racers!  Team Atl did really good this year!
This is the parade to the winners circle!

Stephen was so dirty!!

Who doesn't love dirty feet!  ugh so gross!!

This little boy won second place.  I actually don't even know where he is from, but I totally had to get a picture of his car.  You know cause my Jackson is Jackson Bailey and so was this boy! I totally wanted them to get a picture together, but I didn't want to embarrass my Jackson!  I kept hearing his name!!  So at the end of the race while he was getting his trophy I snuck in a picture!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bristol Day 4

Friday morning we were up way to early.  I didn't mind cause it was picture time!  You know mama loves her some pictures!

Stephen likes him some girls!!

He doesn't give that sweet smile to just anyone!!

Trying to get us all in there.

You know I kinda like where we were last year.  We were a lot closer to the tower and we had more people last year! 
Its blurry, but I added it any way!

Number 1!

Had to get the parents in there and all!!

Were number 1!!  We know it!!

Stephen wearing Jackson's helmet!

I was wanting a picture together, but Stephen wasn't in the mood.  Too early!!

Atleast he smiled here!

Love my sweet racing family!!!

Stephen was so over this day!!

Getting ready to race!

Sadly this was all for us.  Jackson went WAY to fast.  

It was late that night and Stephen was hungry.  

Don't I look beautiful!  Thats how I look after living out of our Toy Hauler for a week!!  Just keepin it real!  
So we lost Friday's race, but we still had a great time!  We all went to the stands to cheer on our team mates!!  We had several win 1st round!!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Bristol Day 3

Thursday was just a time trail day.  We got two practice runs and those would be around the time we would actually run Friday for the actual Finals.

Its super hot there and its lots of wait your turn, but then hurry up and go.

They call you over the radio and you better be there soon or they are on to the next age.  If you don't get there in time and they move on then your outta luck!  A few times we were actually first in line.  But that doesn't really mean anything either!  You are second in your line, but they have 8 lines.  They might call 2 or 3 people from your line or they could call 2 people from a different line then you have to wait sometimes 16 pairs even if your 1st in line!  

There are SOOO many kids racing that week.  People would just leave their starters at the starting line and have them there for the next time.  We never left ours there.  I always made sure to take it off the line.  What if someone picked up the wrong one and didn't notice till they got home and they lived in New York?  Anyways people would just leave them there.  You would have to tip toe around just to actually get yours or walk away.  Just enough room for a parent and race car!

This guy has a name, but I don't know it!  He's pretty popular.  I think they call him "Cowboy"????  Anyways he was the guy that would check the kids and make sure they were buckled and strapped down!!

We tried switching lanes, but Jackson really liked the right lane at Bristol.  Honestly I think its cause most of the people watching are on the right side.  It was different in Orangeburg and in Atlanta!  Who knows!!

That night we had a low country boil!  It was DELICIOUS!  I took this one picture of Brittany and Stephen!

After dinner they gave out the team goody bags!  I LOVED the umbrella hat!!!  Another track had the theme of Mardi Grai  or how ever you spell it!  They were giving away lots of beads!!

They also gave Stephen a goody bag and Mrs. Linda was so thoughtful to think of Stephen as well!!  Very thankful they all love my kids!!

I tried finding Jackson's name the day before on Maddies Car, but couldn't.  So I thought he didn't sign it.  I was able to find it Thursday night.  When he starts driving I am going to show him he signed her car and that he was against texting and driving.  
Well that's it for day 3.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Bristol Day 2

If you want to read about our Day one you can click here

 Wednesday morning we woke bright and early, but for no reason really.  It was a CRAZY *thunderstorm* in Thunder Valley!  No seriously it was awful.  Woke us up well except for Jackson and he ALWAYS wakes up during storms.  Thankfully he rested really well cause he would need it!  

Since we had plenty of time to kill we headed to tech.  This was tech inspection for Thursday and Fridays race.  Its the big one where they literally check EVERYTHING and you HAVE to take the body off the car.  They check helmet, shoes, suit, license and of course the car!

The guy that teched us was from GA!  He worked the Southern Nationals and remembered seeing Jackson going down the line for his expedition run!  Neat!

They had to dry the track so we hung out at the pits .  Then they called us!  We teched for this "fun" race in the pits.

Jackson signing his tech card!

There were over 200 kids in the 8-12 year old group!

Jackson amazed at all the people and Stephen already over the whole racing vacation crap!!

You have to keep this kid entertained with snacks during the waiting time!  

Jackson did really good and kept lots of water in him and a fan on him!!

This is where the cars get cranked!

Getting in the burn out box!

Getting his tires wet!

Burn out!

Getting staged!

I can't remember if he got a good light or not, but it was green!!!

Time trials starting.  All 8-9 yr olds to the lanes!

Stephen probably bugging his brother!!

He thinks he is helping!

I love love love Thunder Valley!

1st round was great!  We won!!!

Jackson left to get his ticket and Bart was calling Papa!

Still happy from winning!!

Jackson telling Papa he won!!  I didn't take any more pictures racing.  Its to hard keeping my sanity , watching Stephen, getting the starter and checking the temp and stuff.  So I put the camera down, but we did make it down to 15 cars!!

The next few pictures are of a sweet girls new car!  It says W8 2 TXT.  Wait to text!

The car is gorgeous and I am pretty sure its my new favorite car!!

After we got out and Nate was out I took the kids up to where they were having water slides!!

The kids seriously LOVE the water slides!!

Its one of their favorite days!

But look at that water!  Ugh!!

Stephen was a little wild man!!  He could just fly right down them!

We stayed at the water slides till Bart called.  Our team Atlanta ordered pizza that night and we all ate as a group!  I have NO pictures of that.  Should have, but oh well!!

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