Saturday, August 4, 2012

Bristol Day 2

If you want to read about our Day one you can click here

 Wednesday morning we woke bright and early, but for no reason really.  It was a CRAZY *thunderstorm* in Thunder Valley!  No seriously it was awful.  Woke us up well except for Jackson and he ALWAYS wakes up during storms.  Thankfully he rested really well cause he would need it!  

Since we had plenty of time to kill we headed to tech.  This was tech inspection for Thursday and Fridays race.  Its the big one where they literally check EVERYTHING and you HAVE to take the body off the car.  They check helmet, shoes, suit, license and of course the car!

The guy that teched us was from GA!  He worked the Southern Nationals and remembered seeing Jackson going down the line for his expedition run!  Neat!

They had to dry the track so we hung out at the pits .  Then they called us!  We teched for this "fun" race in the pits.

Jackson signing his tech card!

There were over 200 kids in the 8-12 year old group!

Jackson amazed at all the people and Stephen already over the whole racing vacation crap!!

You have to keep this kid entertained with snacks during the waiting time!  

Jackson did really good and kept lots of water in him and a fan on him!!

This is where the cars get cranked!

Getting in the burn out box!

Getting his tires wet!

Burn out!

Getting staged!

I can't remember if he got a good light or not, but it was green!!!

Time trials starting.  All 8-9 yr olds to the lanes!

Stephen probably bugging his brother!!

He thinks he is helping!

I love love love Thunder Valley!

1st round was great!  We won!!!

Jackson left to get his ticket and Bart was calling Papa!

Still happy from winning!!

Jackson telling Papa he won!!  I didn't take any more pictures racing.  Its to hard keeping my sanity , watching Stephen, getting the starter and checking the temp and stuff.  So I put the camera down, but we did make it down to 15 cars!!

The next few pictures are of a sweet girls new car!  It says W8 2 TXT.  Wait to text!

The car is gorgeous and I am pretty sure its my new favorite car!!

After we got out and Nate was out I took the kids up to where they were having water slides!!

The kids seriously LOVE the water slides!!

Its one of their favorite days!

But look at that water!  Ugh!!

Stephen was a little wild man!!  He could just fly right down them!

We stayed at the water slides till Bart called.  Our team Atlanta ordered pizza that night and we all ate as a group!  I have NO pictures of that.  Should have, but oh well!!

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  1. Looks like you guys had a great time except for the dirty water. I like the young lady's racer. Cool! And I really love her message. No wonder you guys stayed busy. That place is huge. Love, Mom


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