Sunday, August 5, 2012

Bristol Day 3

Thursday was just a time trail day.  We got two practice runs and those would be around the time we would actually run Friday for the actual Finals.

Its super hot there and its lots of wait your turn, but then hurry up and go.

They call you over the radio and you better be there soon or they are on to the next age.  If you don't get there in time and they move on then your outta luck!  A few times we were actually first in line.  But that doesn't really mean anything either!  You are second in your line, but they have 8 lines.  They might call 2 or 3 people from your line or they could call 2 people from a different line then you have to wait sometimes 16 pairs even if your 1st in line!  

There are SOOO many kids racing that week.  People would just leave their starters at the starting line and have them there for the next time.  We never left ours there.  I always made sure to take it off the line.  What if someone picked up the wrong one and didn't notice till they got home and they lived in New York?  Anyways people would just leave them there.  You would have to tip toe around just to actually get yours or walk away.  Just enough room for a parent and race car!

This guy has a name, but I don't know it!  He's pretty popular.  I think they call him "Cowboy"????  Anyways he was the guy that would check the kids and make sure they were buckled and strapped down!!

We tried switching lanes, but Jackson really liked the right lane at Bristol.  Honestly I think its cause most of the people watching are on the right side.  It was different in Orangeburg and in Atlanta!  Who knows!!

That night we had a low country boil!  It was DELICIOUS!  I took this one picture of Brittany and Stephen!

After dinner they gave out the team goody bags!  I LOVED the umbrella hat!!!  Another track had the theme of Mardi Grai  or how ever you spell it!  They were giving away lots of beads!!

They also gave Stephen a goody bag and Mrs. Linda was so thoughtful to think of Stephen as well!!  Very thankful they all love my kids!!

I tried finding Jackson's name the day before on Maddies Car, but couldn't.  So I thought he didn't sign it.  I was able to find it Thursday night.  When he starts driving I am going to show him he signed her car and that he was against texting and driving.  
Well that's it for day 3.

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