Saturday, August 11, 2012

Bristol Day 5

Saturday was for the kids that won 1st round Friday.  Sadly we had to put our car on the trailer.  bummer :( Even though we lost we still stayed for the finishing of the Eastern Conference Finals.  We were part of Team Atlanta and we wanted to cheer on our fellow team mates!

Our theme this year was "We are going to take the track by storm."  You know cause we were at THUNDER Valley!  Awesome theme BTW!  Don't know who thought of it, but who ever it was is a total genius!!  Last year it was a "We Bring It.  A Perfect Package"  You know our dial in time, and our reaction time.  You want to have a PERFECT light and a PERFECT dial in time!  It was awesome last year!

Anyways Team ATLANTA won the spirit award for the second year in a row.  Next year we are totally going to go for 3!!  Here are some of the people in our stands cheering for one of our racers!  Team Atl did really good this year!
This is the parade to the winners circle!

Stephen was so dirty!!

Who doesn't love dirty feet!  ugh so gross!!

This little boy won second place.  I actually don't even know where he is from, but I totally had to get a picture of his car.  You know cause my Jackson is Jackson Bailey and so was this boy! I totally wanted them to get a picture together, but I didn't want to embarrass my Jackson!  I kept hearing his name!!  So at the end of the race while he was getting his trophy I snuck in a picture!!

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