Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bristol Day 4

Friday morning we were up way to early.  I didn't mind cause it was picture time!  You know mama loves her some pictures!

Stephen likes him some girls!!

He doesn't give that sweet smile to just anyone!!

Trying to get us all in there.

You know I kinda like where we were last year.  We were a lot closer to the tower and we had more people last year! 
Its blurry, but I added it any way!

Number 1!

Had to get the parents in there and all!!

Were number 1!!  We know it!!

Stephen wearing Jackson's helmet!

I was wanting a picture together, but Stephen wasn't in the mood.  Too early!!

Atleast he smiled here!

Love my sweet racing family!!!

Stephen was so over this day!!

Getting ready to race!

Sadly this was all for us.  Jackson went WAY to fast.  

It was late that night and Stephen was hungry.  

Don't I look beautiful!  Thats how I look after living out of our Toy Hauler for a week!!  Just keepin it real!  
So we lost Friday's race, but we still had a great time!  We all went to the stands to cheer on our team mates!!  We had several win 1st round!!

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  1. Those are great pictures. I especially like the ones of Jackson and Stephen back to back. And, I love the family one with the racer, and each family in the group picture with their racer. It truly is a family affair! Love, Mom


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