Monday, August 13, 2012

4th grade and Pre K

Jackson started 4th grade Wednesday August 8th.  He has 3 teachers.  Mrs Sosebee for homeroom and Reading and Language Arts, Mrs. Swing for Math and Mrs. Crumley for Science and Social Studies!  So far he is LOVING school!

He picked out his own clothes and I really love this color on him!!  We went shopping in Commerce for back to school clothes!

4 fingers for 4th grade!  Bart was teasing him about something and he got tickled!

Me and my 1st born!  Bart took this picture.

Stephen started PreK on Friday August 10th.  

They had matching shirts!  Stephen was excited to go!  I think Jackson was very nervous for him.  Those 2 LOVE each other so much!  I can't get over it!  They fight and argue, but they really do have a special bond!

Stephen picked out the shirts for them both and he picked out his own shoes!

We dropped Jackson off at Pam and Farrell's.  Farrell took Jackson and Pam stayed with Grace till Bart and I got back from taking Stephen!

Walking in all by himself!

Stephen was nervous when we got there, but thankfully he didn't cry.  I would have been a mess if he did.  I would have just let him go home with me!  He held his hands together the whole time......till he found the kitchen set!!

Still nervous.  Hadn't found the kitchen set yet!   This is where he sits!  He found his name on the back of the chair!  Loved it!!

I picked Matt and Stephen up and they both had a great day.  Stephen brought home a note!!  When they got buckled up Matt and Stephen kept comparing things they did all day.  What they ate for breakfast and lunch, if they had a radio, if they did criss cross apple sauce, if they went on the play ground, etc!!  I loved it! It made it a lot easier knowing they had a great day and had fun and NO TEARS!!

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