Saturday, August 4, 2012

Eastern Conference Finals 2012 - Bristol Day 1

Tuesday July 24th we left mid morning and headed to Bristol, TN for the NHRA JR Dragster Eastern Conference Finals 2012!

Its always a beautiful drive!  You get cramped in the truck after 5 hours of driving so sometimes you gotta prop your feet up and try to relax!!

The hills are SOOOO high and pulling our Toy Hauler can be rough on the ole truck.  The one biggest hill we rolled the windows down and turned the AC off and let the truck have at it!  Stephen LOVES his window down and he would try to pop his head out and let me see him through the mirror.  He saw the camera and wouldn't do it :(

Unfortunately this is about the average we saw.  Pulling the hills it was more in the 4s :(

Bart and Stephens favorite song is from the Smokey and the Bandit movie.  as Stephen sings it, "He hit dem brakes and him have no air"  Bart would tease us each time and say the truck had no brakes and we would have to take the ramp!  Thank God that did not happen!

Coming down the hills was much different, but I highly doubt we *really* got 98.8 MPG.  But seriously wouldn't that be awesome.  Who would need a Hybrid car when you could have a hybrid Truck getting 98.8 MPG!!

Trying to get a picture of Jackson!

My husband and my oldest loves me so much!!

He told me he would give me a sweet picture if I only took one and put the camera away!!!

All Stephen would say was 123 holla!!

After the 5 hourish drive we made it to BRISTOL baby!!!!!!

Of course all the kids wanted to do was play.

So thats what we did!

Jackson LOVED this thing!!!

Nate and Jackson had a ball on it!!

At the back of it was the thing where you stood in the back, the ran as fast as you could and then it jerk you back!

He got tired of it real quick and just wanted to dance!!

Still loves the slide!

To many kids up there for my liking!

Thank God Jackson is a sweet big bro and wanted to make sure Stephen didn't get hurt.

Nate and Jackson cleared the big kids out so little ole Stephen could take his turn!

Brothers fighting it out!
 Well thats Tuesday night!  Wednesday is the greatest!!!

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