Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

I hosted Thanksgiving for the family at our house this past Sunday. We had a great time and some pretty good food. Everyone said the turkey was great!! We had SO much food!! I wanted to do something special for Jackson since he would be celebrating Thanksgiving with Rodney. He really really really wanted to play football, but it had been raining and it was so muddy. From L to R: Bart, Holly, Stephen, Pam, Farrell, Jason, Jo Anna and my daddy(Carey)
Pamela, Carley, Carlos and Vanessa. (BTW sorry ya'll had to sit at the childs table!!!)

After lunch they played games. I think they drug out EVERY game Jackson owns and I am still finding white balls for hungry hippo.

Saturday before we made turkeys. They turned out cute, but I don't have a picture of the final project.

This is how Jackson has slept all week!! This particular night Stephen HAD to lay with bubba and he actually fell asleep before Jackson did.

My 3 layer cake did not turn out so good. It started to break in half and this is right after I finished decorating. The next morning it looked even worse. NOTE to self: just make sheet cakes from now on!!!
Hope ya'll had a blessed Thanksgiving. Ours was great except Jackson being gone and Bart leaving for Massachusetts. I have so much to be thankful for. Here are just a few.
1.) a saving and forgiving GOD
2.) my husband (he is great and is a wonderful daddy, person, and friend)
3.) Jackson and Stephen (they keep me on my toes 24/7, but the smiles and love are worth it!!)
4.) family
5.) friends
6.) food and shelter and a vehicle
Well thats 6, BUT I truly have so much to be thankful for. The list would go on and on!!

Have a safe and blessed weekend!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Funny boy

For some reason Stephen loves hiding in different places. This particular day happened a few weeks ago. I was cooking lunch for Stephen and Matt and I peek through the breeze way and saw Matt, but no Stephen. I go into the Living room and still did not see the little booger. I heard him giggling and turned around and this is where he was. The top 2 shelves are still full of our stuff. Sooner than later it will have to be cleared and filled with toys. He is now able to open and pull stuff out of the next shelf. I guess it will just have to look like our entertainment center where the last 2 shelves are either full of books or empty. When you walk in our home you can totally tell we have kids. When we moved in I swore the 4th bedroom would be the playroom and there would be NO toys allowed outside that room. Well I am so eating my words because there are toys every where. Even bathrooms and our laundry/mudd room. It gets on my nerves, but this is my life and I do love it. There will come a day sooner than later when the house is empty and without toys. So for now, I will step on toys while doing laundry, cooking or cleaning and be happy with it. My life is my kids and if my kids are happy well then.........I am happy.

P.S. tomorrow is the big day. I am cooking Thanksgiving. I have everything ready and prepared in the fridge and freezer. I will have to get up early to put the Turkey in. Pray I don't give anyone food poisoning.
Hope you have an amazing week!! Lots of love, JULI

Thursday, November 12, 2009

My boys have got to be the sweetest EVER!!!!!

Stephen is becoming more and more of a bubbas boy. Last night he wanted to lay down with him in his bed. He stayed there for about 10 or so minutes. Jackson even tried singing to him. Jackson fell asleep and next thing I heard was Mama, Mama. He kept getting louder and louder. I went to get him and of course rocked him to sleep. This picture was taken Friday night, but is just a little glimpse of how sweet they are. Now don't get me wrong they do fight and fuss, but for the most part they are super sweet and I am so blessed to be there mommy!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Help me decide which picture to buy!!!!!

Okay here you go!!! Hope ya'll enjoy them. I have been trying since Wed. to take these pics. We came here exactly one year ago with Savannah and Tammy. Oh my how he has grown. I was just telling Tammy I wanted to go and so on our way home from town we stopped. Which is your fave. Can't wait for Bart to get home and see so we can get some ordered.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Fall FUN @ Home

We have been having a BLAST outside. Stephen LOVES to be on the trampoline with his bubba!!!

Oh my!!!!!! They are so darn sweet!!!

Now let me ask you a question.......Do we look alike or what???? Oh and please try not to barf at my makeup free face! I do good to get up and get a shower!!

Okay I know we don't look alike but he is still sweet and cute as ever. Even if he does look like Bart!!! Just look at those pretty blue eyes!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

What is Stephen up to lately???

Stephen is FINALLY feeling better!!! So he is playing like crazy!!! My older (much older!!) sister Pamela (Aunt Pam Pam!!) and her wonderful family gave these blocks to Stephen for his 1st birthday! He absolutely LOVES building things whether its the blocks below or shampoo bottles, or cans from the pantry. If he can stack it he is having a great time. Another favorite past time is knocking down. He especially loves knocking down his big brothers Lincoln logs down!!

Here he is building again!

Oh this is not fun!!! He will take his bucket of toys and just dump them out. Yesterday at Nonnies he did this like 3 times! He is pretty good about picking his toys up the 1st time, but the 2nd and 3rd.........well not so much!!

We had a great Halloween. Missed Jackson terribly. Stephen had fun trick or treating with Mary Grace and Kahlab!! They are such good kids and I love them ever so much. Will post a few pictures later!!! Keep Jackson in your prayers. He is going to the doc tomorrow.

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