Friday, January 27, 2012

Hard worker

Stephen is such a busy body.  Constantly moving and doing something!  Never stopping to sit and watch TV.  They only time he sits still is to play with his Kindle. 

He likes to clean.  Will always fold towels for me or hang clothes on hangers for me.  He LOVES to get wash cloths and wipe down the table, walls, or furniture.  He has also been known to cry when his daddy told him to stop cleaning our bedroom furniture.

He loves to work when I am in the office.  He loves to staple, glue or cut anything you will give him.  Last night I gave him a Kohl's magazine and he cut it up!  This morning I gave him the empty highlighter box to cut.  The other day while working on taxes he stapled a paper towel and 2 envelopes, then cut them all to pieces the next day!

Monster Jam 2012 - Stephen's Birthday

Better late than never right???

For Stephens Birthday we try not to go overboard with toys since its only a month after Christmas!  Last year and this year we took the boys to Monster Jam for part of Stephen's birthday present.  He LOVES monster trucks and he likes to watch it on the speed channel!

His favorite was Grave Digger!  He put on a good show, but I have to admit I really thought Grinder did a better job.  Only moms of boys would understand that right???  

Grave Digger had a new 30th anniversary style truck.  He tore it all up!

Before the show!

This was probably around the time Mr. Homebody aka:Stephen was ready to go home.  He doesn't like to get out much, but we stayed and he of course LOVED it when they started doing jumps and wrecking!

A picture of all the trucks together!

Donuts were a favorite for both boys!  Jackson LOVES doing donuts so of course this was one of his favorites

Madusa was another one of my favorites!  She was the only girl Monster Truck diver there!

Stephen LOVED when the tires would mess up.

Jackson LOVED when they would pop wheelies!!

This is right before Grinder flipped and landed in the tunnel!

Grave Digger's son.  Jackson LOVED being able to watch father/son!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Holly's Baby Shower

Today was a perfect day!  Holly had a shower for my niece Baby Grace!  She will be here in 8 short weeks!  I am sooooooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!
Holly opening a present from her best friend Ashley.  She truly is blessed to have a great friend like her!  She got her a bag from 31 with Grace embroidered on it.  I loved it.  It was full of goodies!

Ashley did all the amazing decorations for the shower!  She  did a wonderful job!

Table decorations.

Before the shower officially began!
Nancy and her baby, Aunt Jo, Holly, Jayden (big sis to be!) Bailey and Ashley.  Stephen is behind Aunt Jo's chair!

Diaper cake as a table decoration!

I am not sure if Ashley made this or not, but it is soooo cute!!

Alot more food came after I took the picture!

Ashley and her baby Bailey!  I would love to take her home with me!

More presents!

Stephen helped!!!  


Most of the presents.  Forgot to take a before picture.  She had already opened about 5 presents!

Bumbo chair.  I didn't have one with either of my kids.  Excited to see how she likes it.  Looks awesome!!

Tons of cute clothes!

Cute outfit.  I think it had leggings and the skirt reminded me of a little tutu!

homemade blankets!!!

Of course I had to get her something john deere!!!  

Changing table coushin.


an amazing present from her friends Jill and Jade.  Packed full of goodies!

I can't wait to see baby Grace!

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