Friday, January 27, 2012

Hard worker

Stephen is such a busy body.  Constantly moving and doing something!  Never stopping to sit and watch TV.  They only time he sits still is to play with his Kindle. 

He likes to clean.  Will always fold towels for me or hang clothes on hangers for me.  He LOVES to get wash cloths and wipe down the table, walls, or furniture.  He has also been known to cry when his daddy told him to stop cleaning our bedroom furniture.

He loves to work when I am in the office.  He loves to staple, glue or cut anything you will give him.  Last night I gave him a Kohl's magazine and he cut it up!  This morning I gave him the empty highlighter box to cut.  The other day while working on taxes he stapled a paper towel and 2 envelopes, then cut them all to pieces the next day!

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