Monday, January 16, 2012

Today I am blessed because...........

of this family.
 My sister in law Holly, she blessed me with a sweet niece Jayden and is going to bless me again come March with a new baby niece!  My husband because we get to share a family together.  My mother in law because she is the best mother in law in the world and she also brought my husband in the world.  My father in law is always there to help and would do anything for anybody.  And last but certainly not least I am beyond blessed because of Bart's grandmother who I even had the honor of calling Nonnie.  

Our sweet and beloved Nonnie passed away Friday January 13th.  Today we celebrated her life with what her daughters Pam and Jody called a party.  Their were lots of tears today, but lots of smiles and laughs.  She was truly an amazing person and I am beyond blessed to be able to call her my grandmother, my nonnie.  Yes she was my grandmother in law, but I loved her as much as I love my own grandparents.  

She probably had no idea how I felt about her.  That is very sad to me.  I hate that I never told her how I truly felt about her.  I adored her and loved her very much.  She always wanted new pictures of the boys so she could show them off every Friday at the beauty shop!

She loved our boys probably as much as we do.  

She would always want to hold them and love on them.  If they tried to run away she would try her best to snatch them so she could try to rock them.

She loved this little boy and loved to give him peach ice cream.  Jackson took his first steps at her old house with Nilla Wafers! For Christmas one year he wanted to buy her a box of nilla wafers so we bought some and wrapped them up.  

She was at the doctors office in the room with us when we found out we were having a boy.  I think she was proud to be a part of the ultrasound.  

She was at the hospital when this little fella came in the world.  One of my favorite pictures of her is the day he was born.  In the picture she looks speechless maybe in awe.  She was looking down at him with her hand some what over her mouth, but would could also see she was smiling from ear to ear!

Nonnie will be greatly missed.

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  1. What a sweet tribute to a wonderful woman! It is great to tell people that you love them, but I truly think she knew by your actions. I saw that you loved this sweet woman. The boys were always so loving to her. Sweet memories here today Juli! Wish I could have been at her party today. Love, Mom


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