Monday, January 9, 2012

Wilderness at the Smokies

My father and stepmother gave my family a gift card to the Wilderness at the Smokies for Christmas!!!  Since Jackson was out of school till Jan Th we decided to take a small family get away!!  It was awesome!!  Since we chose a great time to go (right after New Years, most schools already back in, etc....) we got a great deal.  They have 2 hotels on site and the Stone Hill Lodge is more budget friendly.  Since they weren't booked up they decided to close the Stone Hill and we were able to stay at the River Lodge, but for the price of the Stone Hill!!  We were so happy, because we did not have to shuttle back and forth to get to the water park.  It snowed Tuesday so we were really happy we did not have to shuttle!!

We love the log cabin feel.  The beds and table and chairs were so nice.  The people at the hotel were not as friendly as we have seen before, but the water park employees were super nice!!  Bart and Jackson went to the arcade Monday night and me and Stephen went back up to the room.  They must have closed the arcade Monday night because Tuesday all the games and stuff were gone.  They are doing a huge remodel and we were told they would have a movie theater, bigger and better game room and some other stuff.  It was to cold and since it snowed the putt putt golf was closed and of course the outside water park!!  
 Jackson LOVED it all!!  He really liked when the big waves came on in the wave pull!!
 Stephen loved his slide and even talked Jackson into going down with him a time or two!
 This is a picture of the kiddie area!  This is where Stephen could go play all by him self.
 Stephen thought he was Tarzan for a while and would swing back and forth.
 The big bucket up to would dump 750 gallons of water every few minutes!  Jackson LOVED that as well, but Stephen stayed away!
 Stephens famous "I don't want my picture taken!" smile face.

 This was the coolest thing ever.  Jackson LOVED this and he was really really good at it.

 This was Jackson's favorite ride.  The orange one was just a little to scary for the both of us.

 He made lots of friends.  Not sure mama is happy about him riding with girls or not, but the lifeguards paired him up. :/
 Trying to race one of the little boys he met there and he flipped over.  He didn't care since he won!!
 Stephen also loved the wave pool.  He finally on the last day got the hang of it and was able to climb up all by himself!!

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