Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Polar Express Train ride!!

We checked Jackson out of school a little early Tuesday and took them to ride the Polar Express to the North Pole!  We were invited to go with some friends this year, but with Jackson being gone every other weekend, and our own Christmas plans and parties and Church play there was just no way we could have done it.  So Bart booked us last Wednesday.  This seriously was the hardest thing ever to keep from them.  A few times I slipped up and said words like "train" and had to cover myself by talking about the Marta Train when we go see the Monster Truck show.  ;)  I printed off the flyer and wrapped it up in a box.  Jackson opened it and was supposed to read it to Stephen, but I guess he was camera shy and Nana read it for him!
 They were really excited and they both changed into their pajamas!  We ate at the Pizza place across from the train!

 When we got on the train we sat down and waited for the action to start!  I of course took out the camera and tried to capture as much as I could!!

Stephen with his golden ticket!
 Papa gave Jackson a quarter at the Pizza place and he got a mustache!! Jackson was very proud of his golden ticket!!

 The boys had a really good time and was excited for take off!  They loved looking out!!

 He came by to punch their golden ticket.  Sadly it did not say believe, but the boys loved it anyways!!  They even had the hobo come by!!
 They danced alot!!
 The boys got in the action as well!!

 Jackson loved the whip cream!!
 Stephen was loving his chocolate chip cookie!! The Hot Chocolate was very good as well!!
 Dancing with cookies on top of her head!!
 Jackson spotted Santa first and was excited to tell Stephen!!

 Seeing Santa on the train!!

 Jackson telling his wish list to Santa and getting his silver bell!!
 Stephen was very quite and whispered to Santa he wanted a basketball goal.
 Ringing their bells!
 Of course my boys are silly when they have their picture made with me.  Wait they are always silly, so maybe its not me!!
 For some reason Jackson LOVED this Santa.  He thought he had to be the real Santa!!
 After the train ride we had to go to the train store and the train museum.  Stephen LOVES trains so he stayed here most of the time!!
 He got a conductor hat and Jackson got a Santa hat with the train on it!!

 Of course Stephen stayed here most of the time in the museum as well!!
 Stephen loved this old man!  He went up and rubbed his hand!!
 Cute sign I want for the play room in front of the train table!!

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