Thursday, November 8, 2012

I'm a wrestling mom now!

Not like I don't have a billion other things to do or a night I want to stay home or some free weekends, but Jackson wanted to sign up for wrestling.  So what did mama do???  Yep you guessed it!  Signed him up for wrestling.  It all happened on Monday October 29th.  Yep just 2 shorts days after our football season ended.  I took Jackson solo cause Stephen wanted to stay with Aunt Holly Grace.  (he is obsessed with her!!)  So Jackson and I headed there and we saw a 5 year old boy there with his dad.  I just mentioned it for crazy sakes how old you had to be to wrestle.  They coach said 4.  4 years old.  I am still in shock??  So what did Jackson do?  He came home and asked Stephen if he wanted to wrestle.  Originally I was going to see if there were any karate classes for Stephen at the same time as Jackson did wrestling, but now I can take them both together and its pretty awesome!!!  Here are some pictures of their first practice!!

They ran for 15 minutes.  I am not talking jogging I am talking run run run!!  After running they had other warm ups to do.  They both stayed in line patiently waiting for instructions.

Run to each line and touch it, then run back and then run to the next line.  There were 4 lines.
Next run to each line and do 5 push ups.
Next run to each line and do sit ups.

Bear crawl all the way down.

Don't know what this is called, but they did it all the way back after bear crawls!

After all that conditioning they went to the room with the mats.  This sign hangs in the room.

They sat in a circle for a few minutes and went over some things.

They did more stretching.

and more!

Then they told you to do this!  Not really!!  The only things that were supposed to touch was your head and feet.  No shoulders, back or butt.

Then this!
Stephen stopped really quick and stayed with me the rest of the time.  I do have a cute video of them doing up downs I will try to up load to youtube.  Stephen cried the WHOLE way home and most of the time before bed.  He said he didn't want to go back, he didn't like running, he was a mess.  BUT he did go to practice Tuesday night and did great!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

No longer my baby

One of Stephen's favorite books right now is Love You Forever.  We read it a lot at night and I love the part that says I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, As long as I'm living my baby you'll be.  I always tell both of my boys they will always be my babies.  No matter how big or how old they are they will always and for ever be my babies.  

Since I feed Grace breakfast in the mornings and she is about to start lunch I had to pull out the old high chair.  We kept it in Pam and Farrell's basement and when we got it back Stephen new exactly whos it use to be.  Stephen and Matt shared it for quite some time!

Of Course he had to climb in it one Sunday morning, but was not happy about having his picture taken in it!!  Can't believe how big he is.  I officially have no more babies of my own!  
So no matter how big or old Stephen or Jackson gets they will always be mommy's baby.  Even if they can't fit in their high chair. :(

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Stephen's day at school

It was their fall festival at school.  I was able to go and stay all morning before the festival!!

me and my sweet boy!

There are 21 kids in their class.  His teacher told the kids to sit down and Stephen and Mary were the only ones who listened!

They sang a scary halloween song and they had to slap their legs to make like they were running!

Just a few short weeks ago they had Johnny Appleseed day.  They all took seed and tried to make it grow.  Stephens never did sprout.

They passed around one that did sprout

and the one that really really sprouted!!

They got in a line to do a costume parade.  Stephen was the only one doing what was told.  Make a bubble and put a finger on it.

Their was one other girl that put a bubble in it, but not for long and Stephen was the only one with a finger on it!

We saw Cooper!

and Matt!!!

After the parade we played Mr. Potato head!

These linky toys!

Had a class photo!

Carved a pumpkin!!


Pumpkin relay

Candy Corn toss

digging for treasure!

Sack races

and a bike a thon!!

Stephen left with Bart as soon as he found out Bart drove the dump truck!  It was a fun day with our little one!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

Halloween was super fun and I think the boys had a great time!!  We hit up the trunk or treat at Cleveland UMC before heading to my mom's and then Church.

While we were there we saw the Michaela and Hunter!!

After Cleveland UMC we went to my moms.  Since I don't really like spending money or alot of money on costumes and haven't in the past several years I splurged and had their buckets made!!  Super cute!!

After mom gave them tons of candy I let the boys dump there candy in a walmart bag and we headed to church!!

Most of the kids sitting waiting for the devotion to start!!

Stephen of course sat still to listen!!

Little Molly and Blakely!!  Isn't Blakely's costume adorable.  She is adorable!!

Mrs. Lois did the devotion!!  She was AWESOME!!!

Couldn't get a whole picture but it says Jesus!!!  Loved it!!

Treat tables!!!  

The rest of the treat tables!!

Skelton Family section!!  Vampire teeth, stretchy spiders, stickers, slime eyeballs, orange bucket had fruit snacks and black bucket had tattoos!!!

Getting lined up!

Moms being silly!!!

vampire teeth!!!!

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