Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

Halloween was super fun and I think the boys had a great time!!  We hit up the trunk or treat at Cleveland UMC before heading to my mom's and then Church.

While we were there we saw the Michaela and Hunter!!

After Cleveland UMC we went to my moms.  Since I don't really like spending money or alot of money on costumes and haven't in the past several years I splurged and had their buckets made!!  Super cute!!

After mom gave them tons of candy I let the boys dump there candy in a walmart bag and we headed to church!!

Most of the kids sitting waiting for the devotion to start!!

Stephen of course sat still to listen!!

Little Molly and Blakely!!  Isn't Blakely's costume adorable.  She is adorable!!

Mrs. Lois did the devotion!!  She was AWESOME!!!

Couldn't get a whole picture but it says Jesus!!!  Loved it!!

Treat tables!!!  

The rest of the treat tables!!

Skelton Family section!!  Vampire teeth, stretchy spiders, stickers, slime eyeballs, orange bucket had fruit snacks and black bucket had tattoos!!!

Getting lined up!

Moms being silly!!!

vampire teeth!!!!

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