Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Stephen's day at school

It was their fall festival at school.  I was able to go and stay all morning before the festival!!

me and my sweet boy!

There are 21 kids in their class.  His teacher told the kids to sit down and Stephen and Mary were the only ones who listened!

They sang a scary halloween song and they had to slap their legs to make like they were running!

Just a few short weeks ago they had Johnny Appleseed day.  They all took seed and tried to make it grow.  Stephens never did sprout.

They passed around one that did sprout

and the one that really really sprouted!!

They got in a line to do a costume parade.  Stephen was the only one doing what was told.  Make a bubble and put a finger on it.

Their was one other girl that put a bubble in it, but not for long and Stephen was the only one with a finger on it!

We saw Cooper!

and Matt!!!

After the parade we played Mr. Potato head!

These linky toys!

Had a class photo!

Carved a pumpkin!!


Pumpkin relay

Candy Corn toss

digging for treasure!

Sack races

and a bike a thon!!

Stephen left with Bart as soon as he found out Bart drove the dump truck!  It was a fun day with our little one!

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