Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wednesday - Halloween

So I am loving that our team made it to one play off game.  Sadly we won, but happy to be done and moving on to better and bigger things.  (for both boys)  

It was a hard game but Jackson did really good!

Since we lost we and we are done we are having our end of season party Saturday.  I am loving I get to see some of my friends then!!

I am loving this little boy!  I LOVE that he has such an amazing imagination!!

I am loving that today is Halloween and we get to go to Church for our yearly Harvest Party!!

I am loving this sweet little boy and the sweet little girl!!!

I LOVE that we bought Jackson a new riding suit for his bday!  Now he can get out there and get as dirty as he wants and not ruin his clothes underneath!!!

I am LOVING I got to spend the day with Stephen at school!!  I also stayed a few minutes longer this morning cause he didn't want me to go.  So I stayed for a few minutes and then he was fine!!  I can't wait to tell you all about our day at school in a different post!!

I love this little turkey!!  Isn't Grace the cutest!!!  Stephen wore this when he was 9 months old and it makes me miss my baby!!

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