Thursday, October 4, 2012

My Thoughts on this lovely Thursday

Not much in my head today but........

I thought my children didn't like each other till I woke up and saw them laying this way.
Then when they woke up and Jackson didn't know how he got there or who moved the foot stool there then I really thought they were crazy.  Well maybe just Jackson since Stephen was exactly where he was before I went to bed.  

I thought I was okay about sending these 2 boys to school.  Well I had no choice in Matt since you know he's not mine. Stephen's another story.  I thought I was okay sending him.  Then 4 deer ran out in front of me this morning and I got excited and jerked around to the back seat all excited and said "did ya see them"  Then I realized the only person in the car other than me was Grace and she's only 7 months old, she is backwards in her car seat, she is asleep and she probably doesn't even know what deer are.  Then I was sad.  I have no more of my babies home and it took 4 stupid deer to realize that he is a school kid now.  I mean hello we live in the boone docks country and we see deer ALL the time.  Like in our garden or real close up in our yard.  But we still get excited to see them!

I thought I would get to go look at a Tahoe I found, but Bart doesn't like black cars so back to Craigslist I go.

I am really behind on Jackson's party planning.  I thought I would have his invitations ordered, addressed and ready to hand out, but I'm not.
I thought Stephen and Savannah's Turkey shirt turned out really cute.  Now I am thinking I want to buy an embroidery machine.

I thought all these books would fall on Stephen during the night, but they didn't.  


  1. Aw, your boys are getting big!

    Also, LOVE the turkey shirts! So cute!


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