Saturday, October 20, 2012

Celebrating Jackson's 10th birthday!

Wednesday night at Church I surprised Jackson with a cookie cake from The Great American Cookie.  One of his faves!! 

Saturday we invited his football buddies over to celebrate.  What other way to celebrate?  With Football of course!  They played football and we served them some tailgate food!  Below are some pictures from the party!  We had a good time!  Lots of smiles from sweet little boys!

The junk food table!

The cupcakes!

Loved getting to do some ideas I found on Pinterest!! 

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Some of the party guest!

Oh and they played basketball!  and ping pong, but some how forgot to take a picture??

Football MoMs!!

Sweet Grace!!

10 candles on a little cupcake!!!

It's blurry, but look at the smiles!!!

Blowing them out.  Hope he made a good wish!!

Opening presents!

Aunt Jo holding Grace, and Pam holding Jayden!

Had to take the ring pop away from him ;)

Love the expression?!?!  Not sure what he was thinking!!!

This is where Aunt Holly was telling him it was really hard for her to buy him GT stuff and that she must really love him for her to buy him that!!

I love that Jayden is looking down at her little sister and the smile from Holly and Jody is sweet!

Hay ride time!

Don't worry Maddie Kate didn't drive, papa did!!

Most of the kids that rode the hay ride.  They all had a ring pop!

ring pop out for a good smile!!


They all had a soda and a ring pop!

I had a photo booth, but sadly we were the only ones to par take in it :(  They boys had to much fun playing football.  boo

Over all it was a great party, good turn out, good fun and great getting to see everyone.  BUT most of all it was a blessing to see Jackson happy!

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  1. HI!! I'm Cat from
    This party looks so fun! What a lucky lil guy. Can I just say I wanna reach in the screen and pull out that box of SlimJims? LOL. we are fanatics and my entire family would go crazy for that :)


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