Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Today I am loving the smiling faces of my boys!  They are smiling because I made them peanut butter milkshakes!
I am loving Mountain Fresh Creamery in Clermont.  Thats the ONLY milk Stephen can drink.
I am loving that he LOVES the milk.  He takes it to school each morning and on Monday he told his whole table he had special milk.
I am LOVING he can finally have milk since its his favorite drink!!

I am loving Jackson's personality!  He can always make you smile!(even when you should totally get on to him)  He is just hilarious!!
I am loving that I we have been at home the past 2 nights.  It flooded the football practice fields so we have been home!
I am loving he doesn't have homework all week.  Testing so they don't have any!!!
I am loving he gets up every morning to tell me X amount of days till his bday!

I am loving are night time rituals.  

Jackson watches TV while I read Stephen books.  Stephen doesn't watch much tv and doesn't have a tv in his room.  Jackson gets a few minutes while I read to Stephen.  I did the same for Jackson, but now with football he likes his down TV time before prayers and bed!  Stephen started with one book, then wanted 2 and its slowly became 5!!  I love it though.  Most of the books pictured above are Jackson's from when he was little.  The only one that isn't is HOGWASH!  Its a new book.  I am LOVING it.  Its by our favorite children's book author Karma Wilson.
I am LOVING The Prayer of Jabez book.  The discussions we have after reading it might have to be a post all on its on!!   I am LOVING how Stephen displays them after reading them, then has to count them!

I am LOVING Stephen's night light.  My mom gave it to him for Christmas.  After reading books we have to turn on the light.  After we turn on the light we go to Jackson's room to say prayers.  I am LOVING that both my boys want to pray and pray with such a loving heart to the lord.  After prayers I love that we go back to Stephens room say good night to his fish and he gets in bed by himself.  I am LOVING that he falls asleep by himself and in his bed.  He might come out a few times before he falls asleep and he might come to our bed during the night, but I am LOVING that he starts the night off by himself in his bed!  

I LOVE the fact that Jackson likes to sleep backwards.  I really have no idea why, but when I walk past his room or cover him up or give that one last kiss before I go to bed I have to stop and smile and usually say he's crazy!  I love it!
God is good!!

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