Monday, October 1, 2012

This Weekend

This weekend we went out the Varsity Game.  It was Youth night and the rec department football and cheerleaders got to go in Free.

Jackson's dad picked him up at 5 and I headed there after Grace left.

I LOVED watching Jackson's team run out there!  They think they are pretty cool!!

This home game was against EAST HALL.  They beat the snot out of them.  Thats how they are suppose to do it right!! Just kidding!

Of Course we had to sit with Matt!  I pay $7 dollars for Stephen to play and not watch the game.  BUT its about making memories not spending money, right?!?!?!?

I have always LOVED run threw banners.

I didn't get any pictures of the big boys playing!

This weekend I also got to watch Jackson play!

He is number 18 in the red jersey!

He holding on to his face mask here.

Sitting down and eyeing the competition.  We played the other White County 9U team.  You know his buddies from school.  It was a good game.  19-0!!!

With a 19-0 win I would have to say the defense does pretty good not letting the other team score!!

We have good sportsmanship on our team.  When the team mates do something good they get all excited!

Diggin down and getting ready!!

This weekend we went to Cheddars.  I LOVE eating there because I can eat healthy and still LOVE what I eat.  I always get the Cajun Catfish and broccoli.

This weekend we went to Sams.  Stephen played with a karaoke machine and would say Juli Skelton please come to the front!  He's so cute!!

This weekend we had our annual church picnic  Sunday morning we headed over to Unicoi and had singing, youth choir and preaching.  It was AMAZING!!

Stephen attended his 1st football match with the church boys or men?!?!?!?!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the smiles from David and Holden!  I know they truly love Stephen!!!

Stephen seriously thought he could tackle Ethan!!

This weekend Jackson was with his dad, but when he came home we ordered pizza and ate with Pam and Farrell.  They came to pick up Grace's swing and play mat.  She is on to bigger and better toys!!  Looks a little less like Babies r US in here now!


  1. So precious! Love all the sports and physical activity!

    I like Cheddars because you can eat well and it's inexpensive!

  2. I love little kids in football uniforms. Adorable!

  3. Love love love high school football in the fall. Looks like a lot of fun!

    Visiting from TWI.



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