Thursday, September 27, 2012


I found these 2 neat new blogs and thought I would link up!

Its okay I have about 2700 pictures on my sim card and I am to lazy to delete them even though they are all saved on my computer.  I have thought about deleting some, but I haven't.

Its okay I took a picture of myself!  I did it right before I had a girls day with my BFF Tammy!  

Its Okay our team is sporting pink socks for Breast Cancer Awareness month in September.  Its super cute to see boys wearing pink anyways!!!  I THOUGHT whole team did an amazing job Saturday.  I thought that might have been Jackson's BEST game ever!!  He got 7 stars!!!  The most out of any of them!!  He recovered a fumble and ran the ball and got a 1st down!!  Yeah kinda proud!!

I Thought we all looked amazing before church until I looked at myself on the computer!  Its OKAY that I try my hardest to match my boys!!   

Its OKAY Stephen likes to play Yard Sale.  I mean I must have taught him something!!

Its OKAY  I stayed up late finishing Stephens shirt so he could wear it today.

Its also OKAY that I should have totally brushed his teeth before putting on said shirt and letting his wipe his mouth off with it.  I can use some spray and wash and he can wear it next week!!

I had THOUGHT about changing my blog picture and writing something different since it says 2 boys and a mom.  I do have a husband, but most of our blog is about the boys?  Need something catchy!!

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  1. Oh gosh, Stephen wiping his mouth on the t-shirt is hilarious! So funny!

    Thanks for linking up, Juli! So glad to have you!


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