Friday, September 7, 2012

My dream vs. his 9 year old dream

Jackson pretty much loves Drag Racing.  Thats about all he thinks about is my next race, next time I race, blah blah blah!  Ever since he started racing he hasn't been able to get enough.  Last year he did really well.  He came in 7th place out of about 30 kids.  He runnered up at the Night of Fire and came home with 3 qualifier shoot out trophies.  He also came in 3rd place in Greer and brought home $100!  This year he has came home with 1 qualifier trophy, 1 runner up trophy and 1 semi finalist trophy.  

Last year he would bring home his papers and I would look through them and notice several about drag racing.  Well this year is no different.  He is constantly thinking about drag racing and any opportunity he gets while at school he is drawing or writing about it.  

His dream is to get a sponsor and make it big in drag racing history!  I have always had a dream or a vision for my children.  I always dream about the day they will get saved.  They day they walk down the isle, not to get married, but to take that step to the alter to be saved.  I have never cared if they go to UGA or North Ga Technical School.  I don't care if they will be a doctor or lawyer or garbage truck driver.  As long as they are saved I don't care what they do for schooling or career.  OF COURSE I want them to be successful, but I know if they have God in their life they will be successful.  

So anyways Jackson's dream is to be a famous drag racer!  You ask how I know???  Well by the stories he writes, the drawings he draws and by the things he makes.  

For instance he wrote about his dragster in his "Too Good for Drugs" workbook.
It says "I am proud that I can drive my dragsters.  I am not scared."
"Today Jackson reached a lifetime goal.  The goal was to drive my dragster.  The steps Jackson took to reach the goal were Step 1: to get a good light, Step 2 Concentrate, Step 3 good sportsmanship.  Jackson celebrated reaching this goal by: I got a trophy."  Obviously if you enlarge the picture you will see several spelling mistakes, but I wrote out the right spelling so you would understand it better! 

A close up picture of  the picture he drew.  He is holding up a qualifier shootout trophy and the other hand is holding up a #1!!!

a close up of the writing.  Don't judge his misspellings!!

This picture might have been drew in second grade.  When we first bought his car it was black.  And I think he drew it then.  If not then he couldn't find a burgundy crayon ;)  I love the smoke and all!!! 

This one was actually 3rd grade.  He wrote a story about how to make a dragster!
"First you get a lot of metal.  Then you melt all the together.  Get seat belts, glove, helmet and shoes.  Then get spray paint and the body coler (color) it what ever you want.  And get tires and a morder (motor)."

This he made during the summer out of molding clay.  I really think it looks alot like a dragster!

This is on his door.  He got the stickers at the Southern Nationals and stuck it on his door along with 5 or 6 more.  He took his bendaroos and made his name, is and an arrow pointing down to the dragster!

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