Saturday, December 3, 2011

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!

Christmas is my favorite time of the year. I always decorate before Thanksgiving and I get in a crafty/baking mood! I am always wanting to be in the kitchen, but not took cook just to bake. Yes there is a difference!!

I love to buy Christmas decorations about a week after Christmas. I wait till they are 75% off. I scored this really awesome wreath for about $3.75!! I hung it up and it lasted above the mantel for about a week or so. One night it fell, knocked down my garland on the fireplace and broke 3 or 4 ornaments. It made a HUGE mess. While cleaning up the mess I put it on the table and after cleaning the mess up I tried to figure out where I would put it. I saw it sitting on the table and thought it looked okay there for now. The next day while decorating my breeze way and entertainment center I was taking all the other stuff down. I had a great idea to put this vase and candle inside it. I love how it turned out!!
Side view!

I have never liked how we arranged our living room, den, or dining room. We had our dining room table in the den by the fireplace and our dining room was empty and our living room was completely full with way to much furniture. My sweet husband agree to move it for Christmas, but only to move it back afterwards. I have not completely finished decorating the dining room, but I can tell you I am already in LOVE with the table there!! Since our living room was cramped I decided to move the flower chair and recliner with the big tree. I am in LOVE with this room also. Turns out Bart really likes the furniture exactly how I have it. ;) We will most likely leave it the same way after Christmas! We are getting a burgundy recliner and getting rid of the blue one so I will need to get some new curtains!! BUT I am lost as to what to do about the empty spot above the fireplace. I have some great ideas from pinterest, but have not decided what to do for Christmas!

This is in our living room. I am not totally in love with it. It needs some color or more ornaments or something???

Jacksons tree in his room!!

Our advent santa calendar!!

Got this from an idea off pinterest. I am not totally in love with it. It needs some green ribbon. Hopefully a trip to the craft store will help with that!!!

I still have so much to do to finish up the house!! I love it!!!

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