Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Stuffed Animal junkies!!

I have always disliked stuffed animals.  I have let the boys keep a few  because in the past they have never really played with them.  They have always fallen off their beds and end up on the floor.  Christmas Jackson asked for Angry Birds and so Santa brought Jackson and Stephen some with their other goodies.  Stephen asked for Lotso and Jessie from the Toy Story 3 movie.  Jackson was able to find them on sale at the Disney Store so that is what Jackson got Stephen for Christmas.  Jackson and Stephen both got Christmas money and with Jackson's money he bought another Angry bird.  Stephen bought a Thomas Pillow Pet!  That makes his 3rd pillow pet.  Needless to say..............we are overloaded with stuffed animals.  Stephen has slept with Jackson most nights, but always finds his way back to our bed during the night.  When he comes he always brings his stuffed animals.  They are pretty cute laying in bed with all their "friends"!!!!

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  1. I love seeing them with all of their friends! Stuffed animals are relatively harmless. Like you said, just a nuisance trying to pick up off the floor, etc. All children seem to love them, so they must bring comfort to them! This is a happy picture to me. Look at those cute little children with dimples! Oh, and their friends.


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